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WWE News: Rob Van Dam calls out fans to donate money for Sabu's Surgery

10.70K   //    12 Aug 2016, 14:48 IST
Rob Van Dam and Sabu have been known to be close friends

Former WWE superstar, Rob Van Dam has started a campaign urging fans to help his friend, former tag team partner and ECW Legend Sabu to pay for a much-needed surgery.

Sabu is said to be in desperate need of hip replacement surgery as soon as possible. Sabu was against the idea of a GoFundMe page and asking fans for help but RVD and some of Sabu's closest friends created one anyway. As of this writing, 104 people have raised $2,910 of a $50,000 goal in just 1 day.

Rob Van Dam was noted saying that the surgery is the last resort for the ECW Original, but he really needs it. Besides his hip, Sabu has been dealing with nagging shoulder and back issues for a while now, causing problems with his sleep and just walking around as he now has a visible limp. Sabu has continued to work indie events and is hoping to return to the ring once he recovers from hip surgery.


The GoFundMe page reads: 

"Your donations will be used for Sabu to get his surgery, which includes: Pre-operational procedures, the surgery itself and post-operation requirements; including physical therapy. Thousands of dollars have already been spent on getting consultations, X-rays, injections and other medical attention to help with his hip without surgery. 

Terry Michael Brunk, known by his in-ring name Sabu, portrays an Arab American in the ring. He is well known for his hardcore and extreme wrestling style. Sabu had gained eminence competing in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), which he carried over to Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and WWE’s own version of ECW. 

Sabu and Rob van Dam have a lot of history together as the two engaged in memorable matches in all the promotions they were a part of. This began when RVD and Sabu feuded after the latter’s return to ECW at the live event November to Remember. The two finally formed a tag team and won the ECW Tag Team Championships twice.

Even as recently as June 5, last year Sabu lost a bloody chair match to his former partner RVD at the Lackawanna college gym (formerly the Catholic Youth Center or CYC) in Scranton Pennsylvania. At the end of the match, after pinning Sabu, RVD helped him up off the mat and both raised hands together in an intense and emotional moment for the two friends.

If you’re interested in donating for Sabu’s surgery, check out the GoFundMe page here.