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WWE News: Seth Rollins' knee injury is real, but what's next?

How serious is "The Architect's" knee injury?

Seth Rollins was injured during this attack by Samoa Joe.

A WWE source has confirmed that the knee injury that Seth Rollins suffered Monday in an attack by Samoa Joe was a legitimate injury.

Employees were reportedly told that there was definitely an injury to Rollins’ right knee, but the extent of the injury was unknown until an MRI could be completed. That severity would then determine how much of the noise surrounding this injury – from WWE stories to tweets – was part of a storyline and how much was real. This is, of course, the same knee the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion injured in late 2015 that led to him relinquishing the belt and missing several months.

What’s next?

If Rollins is truly injured, that certainly throws a damper on plans for a build to a matchup with Triple H at WrestleMania 33. This angle has seemingly been in the cards since before “The Architect’s” initial injury and had seemingly reached a boiling point over the weekend, as Rollins interrupted NXT Takeover in San Antonio and was coming to confront Triple H on RAW when Samoa Joe attacked.

Without Rollins, the WWE is left to fill a feud for both Samoa Joe and Triple H in the coming months, and it’s too soon to tell what that be. Finn Balor would be one possibility, although it remains to be seen how close he is to medically being able to return to the ring. 

Roman Reigns could be another target of Triple H’s scorn, although those two squared of in a forgettable match at last year’s WrestleMania. It’s also possible that Kevin Owens, upset that Triple H viewed Samoa Joe as his next protege instead of him, could get into the mix.

Tweet speak

Rollins seemed to be getting some sort of medical attention at the time of this tweet on Wednesday.

Samoa Joe is playing is role as the villain regardless of the true nature of Rollins’ injury.

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