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WWE News: Roman Reigns comments on possibly being paired up with Paul Heyman and the short-lived Shield reunion

Soumik Datta
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Could Roman Reigns become the newest Paul Heyman Guy after WrestleMania 34?
Could Roman Reigns become the newest Paul Heyman Guy after WrestleMania 34?

What’s the story?

While recently speaking with NBC Sports in order to promote WrestleMania 34, WWE Superstar and Grand Slam Champion Roman Reigns discussed a host of topics, including a possibility of being paired up with Paul Heyman and The Shield’s latest reunion in the WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

The Shield initially broke up in the year 2014, when “The Architect” Seth Rollins turned his back on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns eventually aligning himself with Triple H and The Authority.

However, after being split for almost three years, in July of 2017, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins started teasing a potential reunion between the two men, with Ambrose continuously declining Rollins' offer to reunite, mostly due to trust issues from the latter's betrayal three years prior.

Shortly afterward, Rollins and Ambrose would eventually capture the Raw Tag Team Titles and on the October 9 episode of Monday Night Raw, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns would finally join his Shield brothers and officially reunite “The Hounds of Justice” for the first time in three years.

However, The Shield’s reunion was quickly short-lived when Ambrose suffered a triceps injury during a backstage brawl with Cesaro, Sheamus, and Samoa Joe, thus putting the faction’s status on a hiatus.

The heart of the matter

In his interview with NBC Sports, Roman Reigns spoke about a host of topics and also gave his intake on The Shield reunion falling apart so quickly. Below are the highlights from the interview:

Paul Heyman possibly becoming his advocate:

According to Roman Reigns, pairing up and aligning with Paul Heyman on WWE TV would be a really cool experience and despite a few elements, possibly leading to a few different things. “The Big Dog” thinks that an on-screen association with Paul Heyman would turn out to be really neat as well.

In addition, Reigns also stated that if the WWE creative does align Reigns with Heyman, then the former WWE Champion would be able to show a few different aspects of himself and his WWE persona.

"It really just depends on the route that we want to take my character; if there's any type of evolution that needs to be made in the next couple of years. I think with a character like Paul Heyman, the different things that we could do would be really cool. It would show not only myself, but also him in a totally different light. I wouldn't just be the guy bouncing around not saying anything. If there's something I need to say, I'm going to step up and say it because regardless if I'm with a guy like Paul Heyman, I would not be a Paul Heyman guy, he would be a Roman Reigns guy, that's the way that would work.

The Shield reunion falling apart, if he would like to take another shot at it or focus on his singles run:

Roman Reigns stated that the Shield’s short-lived reunion was something which was totally out of their hands and was out of control and the thing that hurt the reunion the most was losing Dean Ambrose to an untimely injury, because according to “The Big Dog”, Ambrose is the ‘cornerstone’ of The Shield, who carried a lot of weight as a workhorse whom Reigns could always rely on.

“As a former Shield member, he's [Dean Ambrose] always going to be my brother. I consider him to be one of those guys that we can rely on, he's a workhorse. He lasted longer than all of us as far as injuries go. It took longer for him to go down and take some time off than anyone else who came up during our time period.”

Lastly, Reigns also claimed that all three members of The Shield now have huge aspirations as singles competitors in order to continue their rise towards stardom, however, a potential reunion between the three men is still possible sometime down the road.

What’s next?

Roman Reigns will lock horns with “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans as he looks to capture the WWE Universal Title for the first time in his WWE career.

Author’s Take

A pair-up between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman would definitely be explosive and it would certainly add a lot of depth to Roman Reigns’ character I believe. 

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