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WWE News: Roman Reigns talks about his goof-up on Raw

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The Big Dog's cage was open on Raw

What's the story?

Roman Reigns recently experienced a bit of a goof-up on Monday Night Raw, as his zipper was down and the fly was open. His No Mercy opponent, John Cena, called attention to it and Reigns had a nice reply. But as Roman Reigns explained to CBS Sports' In This Corner podcast, this accident was anything but expected.

In case you didn't know...

Roman Reigns and John Cena have been paired together for a match WWE's No Mercy event. One week while hyping this match, the two top names in WWE were cutting a promo in the ring and John Cena noticed something very embarrassing about Roman Reigns: the zipper on the Big Dog's pants was all the way down, leaving the fly wide open.

The heart of the matter

Roman Reigns said his zipper actually broke two minutes before he walked through the curtain on Raw to do verbal battle with John Cena.

The Big Dog said he usually checks himself out at the last minute to make sure his face is clean and his hair looks good. He said as he was checking his zipper to make sure it was up, it just broke on him.

"The actual zipper handle popped off, and once that happens, you have to go out there in two minutes. It's not like I'm just wearing trunks or something. I've got blousing straps at the bottom, and I would have to take everything off in order to get new pants on.

Of course, John Cena is not only extremely observant but he also very good on the microphone. It didn't take him long to notice Reigns' zipper was down and to call the world's attention to it as well.

Reigns did have a good excuse for his wardrobe malfunction by saying he was "the Big Dog" but it was all he could do to save the moment.

"Luckily, that's one thing of just over the years going back and forth in locker rooms, I have a quick rebuttal with little things like that. It was just something that, thank God I was ready for it, but really he shocked me in bringing up. I thought I had it closed up the whole time but apparently not. I was peaking at him, I guess."

What's next?

John Cena and Roman Reigns will bring everything they can to No Mercy. Let's just hope all of their ring gear stays intact in the process. After all, WWE has been toying with the idea of having more mature programming. But they probably don't want to accomplish at TV-14 rating like that.

Author's take

When John Cena showed up on the Raw after SummerSlam and called out Roman Reigns I can't lie I let out a huge groan. I didn't want to see this feud happen for a number of reasons.

But as the weeks progressed, they have really captured my interest. This is one of the matches really worth paying attention to at No Mercy.

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