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WWE News: Roman Reigns speaks about Goldberg giving him ideas, preferring Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels

'The Big Dog' feels Goldberg's days in the WWE are not numbered.

Reigns is a huge fan of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

What’s the story?

In a recent episode of ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, WWE superstar Roman Reigns spoke about Goldberg sharing a couple of ideas with him and also revealed why he has always preferred Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels.

In case you didn’t know…

Goldberg and Roman Reigns have crossed paths only once since the former made a return to the WWE after 12 years in October 2016 and it happened during the final segment of 2017’s first Raw episode. ‘The Myth’ appeared as the special guest on ‘The Kevin Owens Show’ and was in the midst of a verbal confrontation with the WWE Universal Champion when Roman Reigns walked out.

Reigns stepped inside the ring and stood in Goldberg’s face as they stared at each other. However, when Braun Strowman made his way out to the squared circle, the two of them shifted their focus towards him and took him down with a double spear to end the segment.

The heart of the matter

‘The Big Dog’ revealed a little instance when Goldberg told him about a few ideas that he had in mind but couldn’t use during his time. However, Reigns opined that the WCW legend looks like he will be around for quite a while so he still has time to put those ideas into effect.

He said that although the iconic superstar may be regretting sharing his ideas, he believes that everyone has his own way of doing things. This is what Roman Reigns had to say:

“We had one little brief instance where he mentioned a couple different ideas that he [has] had that he just didn't get to use back in his day. But it seems like his days aren't numbered. He seems like he's doing well and thriving, so I'm sure he's going to have an opportunity to use [the ideas]. I think he's probably regretting giving me ideas, but I believe everybody does things their way.”

When asked who he preferred between two of the WWE’s most iconic superstars in Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, he said it was Bret. He claimed that he didn’t like Michaels because he wore ‘assless chaps’ (referring to HBK’s ring attire) and kept running around. On the other hand, he felt that Hart was more like a competitor and he also looked quite like him. Reigns stated:

“I'm a Bret guy. Yeah, I'm a Bret guy. I was a little boy whenever they were around. How could you pick the guy that has assless chaps on and he's running around? Do you know what I mean? Like, he [has] got his butt out. Bret was legit, like, a competitor, and he looked similar to me, so I don't know.”

The 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion added that he was a huge fan of ‘The Hitman’ and loved everything about him including his cool sunglasses. He recalled wanting to be the kid in the front row whom Bret Hart gave his sunglasses every time he made an entrance and how his cousin Yokozuna got him a pair one day. ‘The Big Dog’ said:

“I was a huge Bret fan. And everything he did, just the work he put in, and his character, the integrity that he had, what he stood for. He just seemed like a solid guy and he had awesome glasses. And I wanted to be that kid in the front row that got them and I never was. But thank God, my cousin was Yokozuna, so I cheated and he got it for me.”

What next?

Roman Reigns will be looking to get his hands on the WWE Universal title for the first time when he takes on Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view with the champion’s ‘best friend’ Chris Jericho suspended above the ring inside a ‘shark cage’.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Reigns may have already enjoyed a lot of in-ring success but he will need to work really hard if he wants to earn the same amount of respect and adulation from the WWE Universe as his idol Bret Hart received.

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