WWE News: Roman Reigns speaks about possibly being paired with Paul Heyman

Will we see Roman Reigns become a Heyman guy?

What's the story?

With Brock Lesnar's future up in the air post-WrestleMania, there's been a lot of talk recently about what that may mean for the future of The Beast Incarnate's advocate Paul Heyman.

Well, many rumours have emerged linking Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar's opponent in New Orleans and potentially the man to dethrone him as WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and the Big Dawg has finally spoken out about the possibility of being paired with Heyman.

In case you didn't know...

While Brock Lesnar is a unique beast and brings a great deal of crossover success, placing him firmly at the top of the wage bracket in WWE, being paired with Paul Heyman was undoubtedly a stroke of genius and has helped out the former UFC star to no end.

With WWE identifying that Lesnar is a terrifying man whose mystique almost evaporates when he's asked to cut a lengthy promo, being represented by arguably the best promo cutter in the business is one big reason why Lesnar remains atop the mountain that is WWE.

With Lesnar's contract expiring soon, though, Heyman's services could be put to use elsewhere.

The heart of the matter

After being constantly linked with Paul Heyman over the past month or so, Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by NBC Sports, who asked about a potential pairing with the former ECW man going forward.

I think it would be really cool. Obviously it comes down to a couple of different things creatively, but I think it would be really neat. I think it would be able to show a different aspect of myself.

While Reigns said he believes it depends on where his character goes, the former WWE Champion believes it could be refreshing for Heyman, too.

The different things that we could do would be really cool. It would show not only myself, but also him in a totally different light. I wouldn’t just be the guy bouncing around not saying anything. If there’s something I need to say, I’m going to step up and say it because, regardless if I’m with a guy like Paul Heyman, I would not be a Paul Heyman guy, he would be a Roman Reigns guy, that’s the way that would work.
Roman R
Roman Reigns could become Universal Champion at WrestleMania

Reigns went on to add that, while he doesn't want any big changes to happen, he'd be open to the idea of being paired with Heyman.

My role is my role and I don’t plan on changing that for anybody. As long as nothing crazy or drastic would change, I think we’d be able to do a lot of really cool stuff. I’m into it.

What's next?

Well, with all this speculation, it adds another element to the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania. Could we see Paul Heyman betray Lesnar?

Author's take

Personally, I thought Roman Reigns would completely dismiss this idea while complimenting Heyman's skills - but this answer was even better. Reigns spoke really well here and I think this scenario may excite a lot of people.

Paul Heyman as a Roman Reigns guy and NOT the other way around? Now there's a thought...

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