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WWE News: Roman Reigns talks about a potential pairing with Paul Heyman 

Soumik Datta
5.13K   //    11 Aug 2018, 23:26 IST

Reigns will challenge Lesnar at SummerSlam
Reigns will challenge Lesnar at SummerSlam

What's the story?

In the build-up to his upcoming clash against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, former WWE Champion Roman Reigns sat down for an exclusive interview with Newsweek recently, in order to discuss a host of topics.

In case you didn't know...

Earlier this year, 'The Big Dog' Roman Reigns was unsuccessful in capturing the WWE Universal Championship in his initial attempt at WrestleMania 34. Shortly afterward, Reigns collided in yet another heated rematch against Lesnar at The Greatest Royal Rumble event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in a Steel Cage match.

However, on the latter occasion, Reigns was once again unable to dethrone 'The Beast', as the match ended in a pretty controversial fashion when Reigns speared Lesnar through the Steel Cage, only to land his foot first on the floor.

The heart of the matter

After recently defeating Bobby Lashley in an Extreme Rules rematch, on a recent episode of Raw, 'The Big Dog' Roman Reigns has now earned himself another crack at Brock Lesnar's Universal Title at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Reigns opened up on his thoughts on facing 'The Beast' once again and also talked about a possible pairing with Paul Heyman. (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

On Brock Lesnar's physical abilities at 41 years old:

According to Roman Reigns, he feels that it's definitely very impressive to see the shape Brock Lesnar maintains even at the age of 41 and the explosive power he possesses.

"He doesn't get credit. He did years ago; but for his age, to be in the back of his athletic career it's very impressive to see the shape he maintains, the explosive power that he holds. That takes a lot."

Additionally, Reigns also said that Brock Lesnar has certainly reached the elite level and is also a very smart businessman and has changed himself into a complete character in the past month or so.


"He's a smart businessman in what he does and he's turned 'Brock Lesnar' into a complete character now in the past month or so. It's pretty neat to see how he can pinball between UFC and WWE and still have that power. It's insane."

If Reigns would consider working with Paul Heyman on TV:

As per Reigns' claims, he feels that he can definitely talk for himself in the WWE and would also like to cut longer promos, every time he gets a mic in his hand. Reigns also added that when a superstar gets proper time on a microphone, that's when he or she gets to develop himself or herself.

"Nah I like talking for myself. That's one thing I want too, just a little longer promos you know what I mean? Just me and the mic that would be nice. Do a lot of interactive promos in the ring and stuff like that. That's how you grow and it'll be cool to get those long, solo promos."

Furthermore, Reigns also noted that working with Paul Heyman would definitely be a cool experience, as Reigns would have the proper backing of an advocate.

"Working with Paul, there's nothing wrong with just sitting there like a boss and let your attorney do the talking. Let him talk the logistics, and I'm sure Paul won't have a problem reading off my resume, it'll take a while but he's pretty good with stuff like that. But I would still want to talk for myself, 100 percent."

What's next?

Roman Reigns will challenge Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam on the 19th of August, 2018 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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