WWE News Roundup: Former WWE Champion discloses real-life heat with Brock Lesnar, top Superstar to miss title match at Elimination Chamber? (Feb 20th, 2021)

Modified 21 Feb 2021
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#5 Vince McMahon’s reaction to Stephanie McMahon being attacked with a baseball by a WWE fan

Vince McMahon immediately jumped to his daughter
Vince McMahon immediately jumped to his daughter's defense

Kurt Angle recently revealed how a WWE fan attacked Stephanie McMahon during an event. She was walking down the ramp, and someone threw a baseball at her. Vince McMahon was furious after the incident and demanded his security guard to bring the person who had tried to hurt his daughter.

"This is crazy. So, I was going to call the police, and I called Vince McMahon instead because earlier that night during the show, Stephanie McMahon walked out down the ramp. Someone threw a baseball at her, and Vince McMahon went to security and said, 'You find the SOB that did that. I don't care how much money it takes; you tell fans, you keep offering money until they say yes.'"

Vince McMahon was furious after the incident and was ready to go to any length To ensure that such acts are not repeated in any of the future WWE events.

#6 Vince McMahon allowed two WWE Superstars to decide their finish for a WrestleMania match

Kurt Angle loves Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle loves Shawn Michaels' response

On the same episode, Kurt Angle also revealed that Vince McMahon had allowed him and Shawn Michaels to come up with the finish of their match at WWE WrestleMania 21. Michaels suggested that Angle should ‘go over; with a tap out as the Olympic Gold Medallist had to look strong before his storyline with Batista.

Angle was happy with the manner in which Michaels showed his respect. Even though the WWE storyline involving Angle and Batista did not transpire, Michaels did everything he could to ensure that his opponents look strong at The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

Published 21 Feb 2021
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