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WWE News: Rumor Killer on John Cena vs The Undertaker WrestleMania poster

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What's the story?

Whenever the Road To WrestleMania draws closer, it seems like the rumour mill starts churning on full steam. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the stories about AJ Styles vs John Cena for the WWE Championship are false according to what he's been told because apparently, Cena's WrestleMania opponent is even bigger than the WWE Championship.

Therefore plenty of people been flooding social media regarding how WWE could bring back Batista, Hulk Hogan, or The Undertaker which were all names mentioned by Meltzer. A poster is also making the rounds featuring The Undertaker and John Cena with the WrestleMania logo as well but unfortunately, it is just another example of great fan art.

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In case you didn't know...

Ever since the invention of such user-friendly consumer software, it has taken video and photo editing to another level. Therefore, if a fan has the skill to pull it off, it is highly possible for one person to fool several with a good piece of fan art.

The heart of the matter

This is actually no new image. This piece of art was initially shared on January 11th via Reddit user theonlycarrot. Therefore, although it's a pretty nice piece of work, it is not WWE official by any means.

In fact, theonlycarrot initially created this poster during the Road To WrestleMania 33 in hopes to see John Cena vs The Undertaker at the 34th annual Show Of Shows.

What's next?

Although this piece of art might be made by a fan, that doesn't mean another poster won't surface soon to spark another slew of speculation concerning John Cena's WrestleMania dance partner.

Author's take

This was a pretty good piece of fanart but there are also plenty of red flags concerning its legitimacy. Number one, Vince McMahon doesn't like using Roman numerals anymore because he thinks it makes WrestleMania look old.

There is also no sponsor or WWE Network logo on the poster, and even though Cena and Taker are pretty recognizable, WWE still usually puts names next to the performers in these teaser posters so the ultimate-casual fan (those who come in for WrestleMania only) will have no doubt about who the focus of the poster is on.


But all things considered, this poster is pretty good and it's pretty easy to see how someone would mistake it for an authentic advertisement.

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