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WWE News: Ryback feels WWE brought Goldberg back to spite him

In a recent podcast, Ryback believes the WWE signed Goldberg to spite him.

News 14 Mar 2017, 10:04 IST
Ryback ready for a WWE match

What’s the story?

Former-Intercontinental champion Ryback spoke about the WWE’s recent decision to bring back Goldberg and why he believes that the move was made just to spite him on his podcast, Conversations with the Big Guy.

The Background  

Ryback left the WWE last year when his contract was up. There were obvious signs of discontent and miscommunication between both parties. WWE officials didn’t treat Ryback properly. At one point, he was one of the more popular WWE stars in the company.

He wasn’t at the point of competing with John Cena or CM Punk but was close as his merchandise sales grew rapidly. 

The Las Vegas-native had several chances to be a huge star. His look alone gives him an edge over many WWE wrestlers. Reports of being unsafe in the ring and having a bad attitude were two major reasons for the wrestler’s release from the company.

The heart of the matter  

On Ryback’s podcast, Conversations With the Big Guy, he went into detail about why he believes Goldberg was signed by the WWE after a 10-plus year hiatus. 

“I’m happy for him and all that going on, but part of me still looks at that and is like, come on guys, is part of this because I left? Why wasn’t he brought in when I was there for the last 5 years when that was the match that would have made absolute sense? I’m raising that point because I left and I really think it’s all a game. I look and part of me believes it is because McMahon brought him in in spite of me.”

Parallels from history

This is a similar situation to that of CM Punk when he left the WWE. When the Voice of the Voiceless departed from the company, Daniel Bryan received the push of a lifetime and won the WWE World Heavyweight championship in the WrestleMania 30 main event. All of this came after Punk wanted to main event WrestleMania. 

Author’s take

A lot of this probably comes from jealousy. Ryback never got the attention he felt he deserved. The truth is, if Vince McMahon isn’t certain about something, then it won’t happen on WWE television. There are too many examples to list, but even the most over wrestlers won’t truly reach that brass ring. 

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