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WWE News: Ryback explains sexist comments against female pro-wrestlers

Johny Payne
6.70K   //    04 Aug 2017, 19:43 IST

Ryback hits back at fans accusing him sexism.
Ryback hits back at fans accusing him of sexism

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of his podcast Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback explained the reason behind the alleged sexist comments that he’d previously made against female professional wrestlers.

Speaking to his co-host Pat Buck, Ryback elucidated that the whole sexism controversy he currently finds himself in was, in fact, started off by a young female pro-wrestling fan, who posted a video of Ryback mouthing sexist comments in reference to female professional wrestling performers.

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On that note, Ryback asserted that people like the aforementioned girl, purposely title their social media/internet posts in clickbait fashion so as to misguide other fans, in this case by falsely branding him as a sexist.

In case you didn’t know…

Ryback is best known for his time as a WWE Superstar and now performs on the independent professional wrestling circuit.

He recently followed up on his initial comments wherein he’d stated that today’s female performers need to use their sexuality to spice up their performances; by posting a SnapChat video wherein he was seen sarcastically shouting out at Charlotte to ‘shake her a**’.

The heart of the matter

Ryback alluded to the fact that several fans have been unfairly tagging him as a sexist, stating-

“I even talked about women wrestlers of today are all beautiful and that I enjoy their matches in WWE, but nobody heard any of that stuff; they only heard the 'shake your a**' part, which is the easiest thing for people to call me a sexist.”

"Oh, you're a sexist. Ryback is as big of a sexist as there is on this planet, so that started in whatever night that it was that will become the next thing that they are going to try and latch on to."

Furthermore, Ryback opined that most of the fans accusing him of sexism were ‘uneducated kids’ who were missing the sarcastic tone of his SnapChat video. He alluded to the fact that female wrestlers do have an advantage over male wrestlers in the sense that they can use more mannerisms and sexual undertones to get themselves over with the viewers and entertain the fans. 

What’s next?

Ryback presently performs on the indie professional wrestling circuit. There have been whispers of him wrestling in Japan or possibly even trying his hand at MMA, but the former WWE Superstar appears to be content with doing his podcast and making sporadic appearances at wrestling shows for the time being.

Author’s take

In my opinion, we ought to give Ryback an opportunity to narrate his side of this perceived sexism story.

Everyone has a right to voice his or her opinion, and the fans need to stop being overly sensitive and offended by each and every happening in the world of professional wrestling.

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