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WWE News: Ryback reveals that he almost got into a backstage fight with the Big Show

The Big Guy tells a story about Show's carelessness during a Live Event.

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What's the story?

During the latest episode of Conversations With The Big Guy, former WWE Star Ryback revealed an interesting story about him and Big Show almost getting in a fight over Show's careless behaviour during a WWE Live Event.

In case you didn't know... 

Conversation With The Big Guy is a podcast hosted by former WWE and current Independent wrestler Ryback, which he started after being released from WWE last year following a contract dispute.

In the podcast, he talks about various things including his early days, his time with WWE and more. Over the number of episodes of his podcast which have been released till now, he has revealed many interesting stories involving him and other WWE stars.

The heart of the matter

During the podcast, Ryback narrated a story about a WWE Live Event, where he was supposed to be involved in a match with the Big Show and The Miz. He claimed that he and Miz were present 15 minutes before the match but The Big Show was not to be seen:

"Me and Miz, in [ring] gear, we're about 15 minutes before bell time. We're the opening match of a live event. No Big Show. Nobody has seen him all day. Finally, they go knocking on his bus. We thought that maybe something bad had happened and so I wasn't angry up before that point. I was more concerned"

Continuing his story, the former Intercontinental Champion revealed that the Largest Athlete in the World was actually sleeping, which made him angry and they almost got involved in a fight over that. Although it was later laughed off following an interruption from the producer of the show:

"Then the producers came in and they go, 'Big Show's fine. He was just sleeping.' And I go, 'f--k! "[The Big Show's] fist was all f--king coiled up and ready to go and I was just watching it like a hawk. But we almost came to blows over a live event and laughed afterwards and we went out there and everything was fine."

What's next?

Big Show is currently getting ready for his retirement match at WrestleMania 33, and Ryback is busy working on the independent circuit. So the chances of seeing these two stars wrestling each other in future are pretty slim.

Regarding his podcast, Ryback has revealed many interesting inside stories from his WWE days on his show and the number of tales told by him is only expected to grow with new episodes of his podcast coming out every week.

Sportskeeda's take

We may never know how true the stories Ryback tells on his podcast are. Nonetheless, it still allows fans to see the other side of their favourite WWE Stars when they are not surrounded by their fans and are out of their characters.

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