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WWE News: Ryback reveals the combined reasons behind his WWE departure

The former WWE star takes another dig at his former employers.

Ryback said that he is enjoying his run as an independent wrestler

Ever since his departure from the company, the former WWE star Ryback has not been shy in criticising the WWE management. Whether it be on his new podcast or in the various interviews he has given since leaving WWE, the Big Guy has openly talked about his displeasure with his former employers.

In his recent interview with Pressbox, the former Nexus member once again took a shot at WWE officials when asked about the reason behind his decision to leave.

Ryback parted ways with WWE back in August this year after being out of action for several months due to a contract dispute. When asked about the reason behind his move, the former Intercontinental champion said that weak booking was only one part of it, mentioning the ankle injury he recently talked about:

"Booking was only one part of why I chose to leave. I actually just opened up about my ankle injury on Episodes 16 and 17 of ‘Conversation with The Big Guy.’ I firmly believe my entire WWE career as Ryback went the way it did stemming from my ankle injury in Nexus."

Ryback went on to say that the lack of spotlight and the stop-and-go booking were the combined reasons, which finally led to his departure:

"Being denied magazine covers and who knows what else while there, along with the stop-and-go booking, all led to me finally leaving. I could have just been satisfied making decent money but only limited to what they wanted me to earn no matter what I did or how hard I worked or how over I got and being a "TV star," or say [screw] it,"

Ryback was taken off from WWE programming in May this year, before finally being released officially in August. Ever since then, he has accused WWE officials of not using him correctly on multiple occasions. 

Just recently he also shared a story about his ankle injury claiming that he was referred to a faulty doctor by WWE Staff, leading to an inappropriate treatment of his injury.

While we may never get to know how true his accusations are, with all the controversy surrounding his departure, it's pretty clear that the former WWE star is gone from the company for good and is not coming back anytime soon.

You can watch Ryback’s last WWE match on the pre-show of Payback PPV below:

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