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WWE News: Ryback talks about WWE pay, leaving and the value of his brand

Malcolm Tyde
44.31K   //    16 Oct 2016, 12:30 IST
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Ryback has been very vocal of his treatment in the WWE over the last few weeks, and this time, the former WWE superstar has revealed his pay during his tenure at the company.

In an interview with Busted Open, the aggrieved Ryback spoke of parting ways with the WWE but also implied that he’d like to come back on his own terms when he is successful. While saying his piece, the wrestler also revealed his pay at the organisation. Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

“I could either stay and let them keep doing what they’re doing to me and make my $1.65 million downside for 3 years ($550,000 per year) or I could say ‘you know what? I believe in myself. I trust myself. This is my life. I’m a creative human being and I’m going to go out and be successful without them.’”

The wrestler, who is currently plying his trade in the independent circuit, also insisted that he intends to come back once he is successful, and have his way.

On his treatment in the WWE, ‘The Big Guy’ said, “I gave them everything I had and for them to s**t on me time and time again, I had the courage to say, ‘do you know what? No, thank you. There’s a lot more to life than money, and I’m going to go and prove that to you and the world.’”

Ryback continued talking about his tenure in the WWE in his own podcast ‘Conversation with the Big Guy’, where he spoke of his growing frustration prior to leaving the organisation. According to the Big Guy, he was ready to devote all of his free time to doing media work and yet the WWE never utilised his enthusiastic work rate.

He added that his decision to leave was also partly because he felt the company would tarnish his ‘Feed Me More’ brand.

“’Feed Me More', that is what bothered me so badly about WWE because I can't let that be tarnished. That is something I believe in too strongly and I've told them, 'I want to do other things with this brand.' I go, 'I cannot, we cannot, say that I'm a piece of s--t because that affects how my brand is perceived in other things.' And that played a huge factor for me in walking out and wanting to leave."

Ryback insists that the brand goes beyond professional wrestling because it is something he created and he couldn’t just “hand it over to somebody else”.

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