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WWE News: Sami Callihan compares time in NXT to Impact Wrestling, says match with Tessa Blanchard will 'change the wrestling world'

08 Jul 2019, 04:44 IST

Sami Callihan
Sami Callihan

What's the story?

Sami Callihan is set to be in one of the most high-profile matches on tonight's Slammiversary PPV of Impact Wrestling, as he will take on Tessa Blanchard in an intergender wrestling match. However, before the pay-per-view, he was in an interview with Sporting News.

In the interview, he talked about his upcoming match with Tessa Blanchard, his own wrestling promotion, Intergender wrestling, and his time in NXT. He compared his time in WWE to how he was able to perform in Impact Wrestling and how much more comfortable he feels in WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Sami Callihan was in NXT for a long while before he left WWE. His time with the company was not the best. He wrestled in NXT under the name Solomon Crowe and was restricted to dark matches for a long time. After being signed in 2013, he first made his television debut on NXT in 2014 February. However, the match was removed due to an injury.

He had to recover from his injury and went back to dark matches, finally making his debut in 2015. However, very soon after this, he was released by the company. He has since wrestled all over the world and is now a mainstay on Impact Wrestling.

The heart of the matter

When asked about what it felt like performing in Impact Wrestling after his time in WWE, Sami Callihan was blunt in his answer.

"In WWE, it seemed like we had to get permission to take a p***. In Impact Wrestling, it's ok if you make a mistake and help you learn along the way in every single aspect of what you want to do and need to do."

He obviously did not enjoy his time in WWE and having to wait for permission to do everything.

However, he is very excited for his match against Tessa Blanchard. He went so far as to say, he thought the match might change the world.

" Quite arguably, we are going to change the wrestling world. Where's there ever been an intergender match of this proportion even though we aren't the headliners on pay-per-view?"

What's next?

While WWE might be having a mixed tag team match at Extreme Rules, intergender matches are a thing of the past in the company. If Sami Callihan is to be believed, his match at Slammiversary might change the world. Could that mean WWE might consider such a match as well?

That remains to be seen.

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