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WWE News: Sami Zayn reveals the story behind his theme music

Brodie Sward
10.15K   //    16 Oct 2016, 17:22 IST
Sami Zayn getting some invaluable advice from The Game

Former NXT Champion and current WWE RAW roster member, Sami Zayn, recently did a piece for Team Rock to describe the story behind his famous entrance music and how he got it. The story includes Triple H, Neville, and late-great Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

You can see what Zayn wrote here: 

“Neville and I are big fans of ska. He's actually more into original, Jamaican, skinhead, two-tone ska from England, but I'm more into punk ska – Operation Ivy and stuff Rancid would do. While we were in developmental at the Performance Centre, we'd have promo class every week with Dusty [Rhodes, WWE Hall Of Famer].”

Zayn went on to elaborate how he incorporated his favourite genre of music into his on-stage character. 

“Neville and I pitched this idea – and we played with it for months and months, encouraged by Dusty – where we dressed in two-tone suits to do these ska characters. I think someone eventually showed this to WWE Executive Vice President Triple H and I had this generic stock music. At this point, NXT was starting to become a pretty big deal, so it wasn't just stock music being picked anymore, WWE was investing time and making music for these guys.”

Zayn goes on to write that Triple H caught wind of his ska idea he was doing with Neville and said, “Well if this is more him than the music he's got now, let's do something in this vein.”

Zayn also expanded on how Triple H intended to move NXT forward, and as WWE Fans know a brilliant theme is the key to being a WWE Superstar.

"He sent me this song and I didn't like it at first. The horns sounded kind of synthetic at first and I didn't like that, then they fixed it and added the 'Whoa-oh-oh' at the beginning. That was the only input I had," Zayn wrote. 

It can be argued that one of the main reasons for Sami Zayn's popularity and success could be down to his theme song as it is so popular with the crowd, you can feel the fans buzzing and the electricity in the air once it hits, and it perfectly fits his style of wrestling and character on screen.

It’s no doubt that Zayn's entry theme is a fan-favourite as it never fails to rouse the crowd.

So what do you think? Do you like Sami Zayn Theme or are you not a fan of it?

Tell us more in the comments section below.

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