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WWE News: Sami Zayn reveals Vince McMahon's golden advice 

Riju Dasgupta
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Zayn revealed the mantra to his compelling new character
Zayn revealed the mantra behind his new character

What's the story?

At Hell in a Cell, we witnessed the unexpected. Sami Zayn, eternally the ultimate babyface, came to the aid of his sworn nemesis, Kevin Owens, and seemingly turned heel from thereon in.

He was recently a guest on E&C Pod of Awesomeness and revealed what Vince McMahon told him when he first turned heel.

In case you didn't know...

Sami Zayn came to SmackDown Live after the Superstar Shake-Up following WrestleMania, and while hailed as the 'land of opportunity', never got booked like he seemingly should have.

He explained the reason he turned heel soon after, based on the fact that he had spent all his life pleasing people, and it had only brought him to mediocrity. Shane McMahon brushed off his opinions and never took him seriously, according to Zayn.

Therefore, he took the leap and turned heel for good.

The heart of the matter

Sami Zayn confessed, that as he was never in any central storylines, he hardly ever got a chance to interact with Vince McMahon and pick his brains. Everything has changed with this current plot: (H/T for the transcript)

He didn’t even get into detail. Some of it he would just say smile out there. I’m like really? Smile? And then I would do it and I’m like oh man, of course… It’s so much more heat than just going out there and scowling and being like: ‘you did me wrong’, yeah whatever, you’re angry, cool. Everyone is angry. But if you are smiling, it is so much more obnoxious and so much more dislikeable. It is such a simple thing. Once you execute it and it works, it’s just another light bulb that goes off

Little wonder then, that we saw Sami Zayn jiving, shucking and smiling, this week on SmackDown Live, when he confronted SmackDown Live GM Shane McMahon.


What's next?

We know that Sami Zayn lost an opportunity to qualify for SmackDown Live's team for Survivor Series, this week. What role will he play in the coming weeks? Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling to find out what his role at Survivor Series will be.

Author's take

I thought Zayn was amazing as a heel, this week. It just goes to show what a genius Vince McMahon is and how he can suggest little things that make a big difference overall. Proves why he is a billionaire and I am not.

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