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WWE News: Sami Zayn turns heel at Hell In A Cell 2017

09 Oct 2017, 10:44 IST

It looks lik
It looks like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might be best friends again

It was a nerve-racking Hell In A Cell match between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Fans were promised a violent affair and that's certainly what transpired. But what they didn't expect came during the final moments of the match. Sami Zayn jumped in out of nowhere, wearing all black, and turned heel.

But to understand why his actions were so momentous, a proper story must be painted first. Afer an intense match, it spilt out of the cell. Kevin Owens cleaned off an announce table and placed McMahon on top of it. But before he jumped on Shane, Owens looked up at the cell in front of him.

Owens climbed the cell and prepared to leap on Shane McMahon, however, he couldn't pull the trigger in time. Shane climbed up to join him as the crowd went crazy inside Detroit's Little Caesars Arena.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon found themselves fighting on the top of the Hell In A Cell. They executed several moves on each other and there was a fear that the cell would collapse under the pressure of the manoeuvres.

But after a couple close calls, Owens decided to climb down the side of the cell. Shane McMahon joined him and the two started traded shots back and forth until Kevin went plummeting through the announce table.

After a few more intense moments, McMahon placed KO across a second announce table and then he started to climb once again. In an attempt to make up for his missed elbow drop at WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker, Shane went for a death-defying elbow drop on The Prizefighter.

But at the last moment, Sami Zayn jumped up and moved KO out of the way. Shane went crashing through the announce table by himself and was out for the count. Zayn tossed KO on top of McMahon and ordered a referee to make the pinfall.

This act not only assisted Kevin Owens in victory but seemingly turned Sami Zayn heel. The Detroit crowd didn't seem to know what to think as Owens and Zayn found themselves reunited once again and Shane McMahon was carted off on a stretcher.

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