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WWE News: Scary footage shows Goldberg collapsing after Super ShowDown match

Modified 19 Feb 2020, 11:23 IST


What's the story?

Back on Friday night, Goldberg lost to The Undertaker in the main event of WWE Super ShowDown in a match that saw both Superstars botch several spots.

A short video has surfaced online, showing a beaten and battered Goldberg, who is unable to stand on his feet properly after the match was concluded.

In case you didn't know...

WWE's Super ShowDown event took place inside King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, and was headlined by a match that many dubbed as being twenty years too late. The dream encounter saw Hall of Famer Goldberg and Taker square off for the first time ever.

The bout lasted longer than many fans had imagined. Initially, WWE teased a quick finish when Goldberg speared Taker almost immediately after the match kicked off, before failing to secure The Deadman for a three count. As the match progressed, Goldberg hit his head on a turnbuckle post and began bleeding profusely.

The match continued nonetheless, with both superstars botching their signature moves. Goldberg failed to raise The Undertaker properly to hit the Jackhammer, while Taker didn't have enough strength to execute a Tombstone Piledriver cleanly.

The match ended with The Phenom finishing off Goldberg with a horrible looking Chokeslam, which is being rumoured as him calling an audible to see the match swiftly finish. He later liked a comment on Instagram that bashed the company, for putting their health at risk.

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The heart of the matter

The short video shows The Undertaker still inside the ring to celebrate his victory. Outside, Goldberg can be seen trying to stand on his feet, but not being able to do so. Goldberg then collapses to the ground as the ringside personnel try to help him get up. Here's the disturbing footage:


What's next?

This match has made it abundantly clear that both superstars are way past their prime years and shouldn't be allowed to wrestle ever again, in any capacity, for the sake of their own health.

What was your reaction to the match? Sound off in the comments below!

Published 09 Jun 2019, 09:53 IST
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