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WWE News: Scott Hall calls Bret Hart selfish, discusses his 'Razor Ramon' character

Hall also revealed why his pay-per-view debut got postponed.

Scott Hall was backstage at this year’s Wrestlemania

Legendary WWE wrestler Scot Hall recently appeared on an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine where he discussed Bret Hart’s selfishness, his popular ‘Razor Ramon’ character and more.

Hall’s first title match after being roped in by the WWE (then WWF) came at the 1993 Royal Rumble where he replaced Ultimate Warrior as the challenger to the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart. In a hard-fought battle, ‘The Bad Guy’ ended up losing to Hart after submitting to his ‘Sharpshooter’ submission move.

While speaking about the match, Scott Hall claimed that ‘The Hitman’ was a really selfish person and he showed enough proof of it during that match. He revealed instances from the match where he was punching Hart quite hard but he was unmoved by it as he wanted to get a win at any cost since he was the new champion.

“I’m not a Bret Hart fan. To me Bret’s really selfish, if you watch, there’s points in that match where I’m hitting Bret with what’s regarded as a hell of a working punch, I’m hitting Bret and he’s not even moving, he’s not even registering it. It was what it was, he was the new champion and he needed a win, which he got,” Hall told Total Wrestling Magazine.

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Asked about the ‘Razor Ramon’ character that brought him so much popularity during the 1990s, the WWE Hall of Famer gave credit to Vince McMahon who used to take time out to direct the vignettes which were used to introduce the character on TV.

Scott Hall disclosed that ‘Razor Ramon’ was inspired from the blockbuster Hollywood flick, Scarface, which McMahon had not seen. So when Hall presented the gimmick to him, ‘The Boss’ thought of him as a genius.

“I felt really flattered because Vince [McMahon] left TV personally to direct my vignettes, he flew with me to south beach Miami to do it. I knew things were cool and my DVD came out last July where they showed footage of Vince into the character,” the legend was quoted as saying.

“He’d never seen Scarface, so when I came out doing the Scarface gimmick, he thought I was a genius, I never told him. I don’t know why they don’t introduce new characters with vignettes like that anymore,” he added.

Hall was also questioned about the plans for his pay-per-view debut at Survivor Series in 1992 being changed. He responded by stating, “It was supposed to be me and Ric Flair against Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior. Vince used to lay story lines out way ahead of time. Going into this match I was supposed to hurt Randy and retire him so that he could go to broadcasting and they were going to keep pushing Razor as a major heel force.”

“But Warrior held Vince up for more money but he wasn’t having it this time, so they brought Mr Perfect back from announcing to wrestling. When plans change like that, in that situation you have to feature a decent substitute otherwise the audience will feel they got screwed. Warrior doesn’t show up and you put Perfect in, good replacement,” he concluded.

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