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WWE News: Seth Rollins on Roman Reigns reuniting with the Shield

Elliott Binks
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Time for a reunion?

What’s the story?

Not for the first time in recent weeks, Seth Rollins has been fielding questions about a possible reunion of the full Shield line-up.

Having recently patched things up with Dean Ambrose, Rollins was quizzed during a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast about possible plans for Roman Reigns to be brought back into the fold. And while Rollins remained fairly coy and diplomatic, he did say he’d “welcome the possibility” should it arise at some point down the line.

In case you didn’t know…

During SummerSlam weekend, all three former members of the Shield chimed in with their thoughts on a possible reunion.

Rollins himself played down talk of a “masterplan in place for the Shield to come back” while Reigns said he was too preoccupied with the Universal title to be worrying about reunions. Ambrose, meanwhile, poured cold water on the rumours in his own special way, noting that he hadn’t spoken to Reigns in three weeks after an incident involving an apple pie...

Going in depth

Rollins gave the usual spiel of how well Reigns is doing on his own at the moment. Presumably, that means this interview took place before this past week’s showing of Raw…

But he did go on to welcome the idea of the full line-up getting back together, and the story that would need to be told for that to happen. Crucially though, he said he didn’t want to force anything, which is just as well because there’s really no need to rush into a full-on Shield reunion at this stage.

What's next?

For the time being, it seems like Rollins and Ambrose will continue to compete in tag team action, while Reigns will plough on with his feud with John Cena. Reigns is then likely to return to the Universal title picture, where he’ll probably remain through to WrestleMania, so if a Shield reunion does ever happen, don’t expect to see it come to a head for quite some time yet.

Author’s take

The optimists among us may note that Rollins is starting to sound slightly more open to the idea of a Shield reunion with Reigns. Although, the realists might say that he’s probably just trying to keep himself sane as he answers some form of “is the Shield getting back together?” for the thousandth time in recent weeks.

My money’s on the latter scenario.

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