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WWE News: Seth Rollins reveals how the fans made his work harder

5.44K   //    18 Nov 2016, 16:00 IST
‘The Man’ Seth Rollins is a 2 time WWE World Champion

Undoubtedly, Seth Rollins is one of the most popular members of the current WWE roster. Although his character has been portrayed in a positive light recently, Rollins got over in the WWE Universe, for his amazing ‘heel’ antics. 

The general notion is that the brilliance of a ‘heel’ character depends on the negative feedback from the audience. But, there have been instances lately, where a ‘heel’ persona received more pops from the fans over the ‘babyface’ opponent. This was noticed during The Authority days of Seth Rollins’s career. 

In a recent interview with GiveMeSport during WWE’s tour of United Kingdom, ‘The Architect’ stated the crowd made it ‘difficult’ for him to continue the villainous character. Sometimes, Rollins felt confused as the crowd would cheer for most of his heel tactics.

However, the former World Champion believes that the new generation of the WWE Universe just wants to appreciate the hard work and talent of any performer, irrespective of the negative gimmick: 

"It's just the way the fans are these days, the way information travels, they just appreciate I think - I hope - they appreciate talent.”

Rollins feels that the hardcore wrestling fans have the capability to judge the best and worst of the WWE, and they only appreciate the better product. 

"It's just a different world we are living in as far as how our audience digests what we are giving them. It was very interesting and a good challenge, but it was certainly hard to get them to hate me sometimes."

Seth Rollins made his WWE debut as a part of The Shield. After several months of dominating the entire roster, Rollins eventually ‘sold out’ to The Authority. The act of betraying his SHIELD brothers cemented his position as one of the top heels in the company.


Within a year, Rollins won the Money in the Bank contract and went on to create the ‘Heist of the Century’ at WrestleMania 31, by winning the WWE World Championship at the event. 

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