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WWE News: Seth Rollins shares heart-warming personal update on social media 

2.38K   //    11 Sep 2019, 21:49 IST

Seth Rollins shared that he has a new brother and sister
Seth Rollins shared that he has a new brother and sister

Seth Rollins, the family man

Seth Rollins and his mother have always been very close and while he's out of the city wrestling with WWE, Rollins revealed that his mother takes care of all of the trainees that he has living in at the Black and Brave training school in Davenport, Iowa.

Whilst Rollins is close to his mother, reports suggest that Rollins isn't as close to his father, since his parents separated when he was much younger.

Brothers and sister

Rollins has a brother, someone who has been featured in a number of WWE's documentaries about The Architect, but it appears that the current Universal Champion decided that now was a good time to trace his DNA online and he has managed to discover that he had family members that he never knew about.

Personal update

Seth Rollins took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that thanks to a DNA tracer called 23 And Me, he was able to discover that he has a brother and sister that he didn't know anything about. Rollins hasn't shared any other information about his newfound brother and sister right now, but he did share a picture of his younger brother so it appears that he has taken the time out of his busy schedule to go and meet his new family members in person.

Rollins heads into an interesting weekend since he's pulling double duty once again at Clash of Champions on Sunday night, so given the fact that Rollins could lose both of his Championships this weekend, it's nice that he's received some good news ahead of the show.

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