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WWE News: Seth Rollins talks about getting a new finisher after settling the score with Triple H

The Architect also claimed that Brock Lesnar will destroy Goldberg, if and when the two finally compete inside the ring.

Seth Rollins
Rollins said that cashing in Money In The Bank is his favourite WWE moment

WWE has handled Seth Rollins' face turn very precisely and the fact that crowd breaks into loud cheers every time the former Shield member enters the arena strongly endorses this statement.

Cashing in his popularity, the former World Champion recently held a live Facebook session to interact with his fans where he talked about many things including his finisher, Goldberg and more. Thanks to wrestlinginc, below are some of the highlights from the session:

Rollins who started using the Pedigree finisher – originally made famous by his former mentor Triple H – during his stint as a member of the Authority was asked why he still uses the manoeuvre to which the former NXT champion replied that it's a sign that there is no replacement for Seth Rollins. He said:

"No, you know what, let's talk about that finisher for a minute. Look, the reason I did the pedigree to begin with, was as a tribute to Triple H. So now, every single time I deliver a pedigree, it's me sticking my fist up in the air and telling him to stick it up his rear-end. He thinks he can stick it to me by anointing Kevin Owens as the new guy? There is no replacement for Seth Rollins.”

He did, however, tease a new finisher when he does get settle his score with Triple H.

“So, every single pedigree from now until I drop Triple H on his big, stupid nose, that's gonna mean something, that's gonna mean something. That's me sticking it to the man, sticking it to Triple H. So no, no new finisher, not until I'm done with Triple H."

Speaking of the former NXT champion Samoa Joe who has been rumoured to make his main roster debut soon, Rollins said that he would love to face the former TNA champion once Joe is done with his NXT run:

"Uh, I'd love to face Samoa Joe, Dawn. It's been uh, it's been a long time since I've been in the ring with Joe. I think we've both grown a lot as performers, and uh, I think we'd actually tear the house down. So, hopefully, um, you know, once Joe's done with his stuff in NXT, and uh, he can come make his way up here and we can have a good fight."

Goldberg has been one of the most talked WWE veterans in the past couple of months and many believe that his rumoured match with Brock Lesnar is not going to be his last WWE bout.

So a fan asked Seth if he would like to face Goldberg in future but in reply, the NXT veteran said that there isn't going to be anything left of the former WCW champion after his fight with the Beast Incarnate:

"Am I gonna go after Goldberg? To be honest with you, I don't think there's going to be anything of Goldberg left after Brock Lesnar rips him apart."

Whether or not we ever get to see Seth Rollins vs Goldberg taking place inside a WWE ring widely depends on what WWE has planned for the WCW veteran after his match with Lesnar but for now the possibility of this dream match taking place looks to be a tantalising one.

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