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WWE News: Shinsuke Nakamura finally reveals reason behind leaving NJPW for WWE

Johny Payne
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Shinsuke Nakamura chose WWE over NJPW back in 2016
Shinsuke Nakamura chose WWE over NJPW back in 2016

What’s the story?

In an interview with Lillian Garcia at the ACE Comic Con, Shinsuke Nakamura opened up on a myriad of topics.

Most prominently, Nakamura revealed the primary reason behind him making the transition from NJPW to the WWE. Besides, Nakamura also expounded upon several other topics.

In case you didn’t know…

Shinsuke Nakamura rose to prominence in NJPW after debuting for the promotion back in 2002 and competed as a top-tier star until his departure from the organization in 2016.

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Nakamura commenced his WWE career in the NXT brand—winning the NXT Championship on two separate occasions—before “The Artist” debuted on the main roster after WrestleMania 33 last year.

The heart of the matter

Shinsuke Nakamura was probed as to whether working for the WWE was his ultimate goal, in response to which he asserted that performing for WWE wasn’t his final objective—however, he’d accomplished everything in Japan and in 2015 wanted to try something else.

Additionally, Nakamura elucidated that at the time, a friend of his who worked for the WWE encouraged him to try his hand at the American promotion. Nakamura added that although he didn’t follow WWE history, he was familiar with big names such as Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan.

Besides, Nakamura explained that back when he was growing up, financial problems prevented him from being able to watch WWE matches—what with having to go to the video store and buy recordings of WWE events/matchups.

Furthermore, Nakamura emphasized that he didn’t do any extensive research about WWE before coming over to the company, as he wanted it to be a surprise to him when he began working for WWE. Nakamura continued that he was, at first, surprised by the difference in the Japanese style and WWE style of wrestling, but truly believes that his style is a great fit for WWE.


What’s next?

Shinsuke Nakamura is presently involved in a feud with WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy over the latter’s title.

The vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that Nakamura and Hardy are likely to continue their rivalry over the next several weeks on SmackDown Live.

What are your thoughts on Shinsuke Nakamura’s statements regarding his move from NJPW to WWE? Sound off in the comments! 

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