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WWE News: Sin Cara not allowed to dress with the Raw Locker Room

Riju Dasgupta
6.84K   //    16 Nov 2016, 14:10 IST
Sin Cara is being buried backstage, for his bad behavior

When multiple volatile personalities travel together for as many days as WWE talents do, fights are imminent indeed. However, some wrestlers have a knack for getting into more altercations than others do.

One such personality is Sin Cara, someone who’s previously been in backstage fights with, Former WWE Champion Sheamus, and Simon Gotch (from the tag team- ‘The Vaudevillains). And this troublemaker would stir the pot once more during WWE’s recent European trip when he got into a fight with company veteran and industry legend Chris Jericho.

And recently, he was punished for the same!

Mike Johnson from PWInsider appeared on the Taz show recently and said that Sin Cara was made to dress with enhancement talent this week, and not allowed in the Raw locker room, because of his actions.

Previously, he had been exiled to Smackdown (not as a wrestler, but just to complete the tour), and made to take anger management classes for his actions. Moreover, he was informed that he wasn’t going to be on the flight to the coming shows when he returned to the United States.

As a consequence, Sin Cara had to drive for 5 hours, to make it to the WWE events. 

Guess this is what happens when you’ve made Chris Jericho’s famous list

The original altercation took place during a bus ride from Leeds in England to Glasgow in Scotland. Sin Cara reportedly made noises, which annoyed the rest of the talent on the bus. It led to a scuffle between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara, and while various versions of the incident exist, it is rumoured to have ended with Jericho biting down hard on Sin Cara’s hand. 

This led to bad blood between the two and Sin Cara has paid the price ever since. 


Of course, Jericho too has been part of several backstage confrontations in the past. One of them was with Brock Lesnar after the Summerslam main event this year, when he wasn’t sure that the outcome of the Lesnar-Orton match wasn’t a work. 

Another incident from the past involves a fight with Goldberg, in which reportedly Jericho came out as the victor against a significantly larger Goldberg.

Well, an apology to the Raw roster wouldn’t hurt

It was rumoured that Sin Cara would be fired from the company for his actions but was asked by WWE to take an anger management course, instead. We do hope the situation resolves itself very soon. 

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