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WWE News: Sin Cara injury not as bad as originally feared

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Sin Cara's injury wasn't as bad as it seemed
Sin Cara's injury wasn't as bad as it seemed

What's the story?

Injuries are a part of life when you're in the pro wrestling business. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of something going wrong in the ring and nobody can predict or stop this kind of tragedy from occurring.

Sin Cara recently went down with an injury at a SmackDown Live house show while on WWE's European tour and many people were worried that the luchador might have suffered a leg injury. But thankfully, Sin Cara's injury wasn't as bad as originally feared.

In case you didn't know...

Sin Cara recently received a decent push when he started beating Baron Corbin on a weekly basis. Although these wins don't seem to be all that magnificent, they're going a long way in establishing Sin Cara as someone worth paying attention to. The fact he just signed a new contract with WWE really helps matters as well.

The heart of the matter

Sin Cara apparently suffered a leg injury at a house show on Sunday. He was performing a move that he's done many times when something went wrong and Sin Cara felt some major pain in his leg.

But fortunately, it looks like Sin Cara's injury wasn't as bad as some thought because he's back on the road with the Blue Team at this point. He sent out the following message in Spanish, but when translated into English, you can see how happy he was to get back in the ring.

“When you think you can’t, it is what makes you different from other. All the glory and honour to God for allowing me to return to the ring. Thank you, Leeds”

What's next?

Now that Sin Cara's received a clean bill of health, it looks like he's going to be getting right back to action. His current feud with Baron Corbin might even see him pop up at Survivor Series to cause some kind of interference in Corbin's match against The Miz.

Author's take

Nobody has time to be injured, especially someone like Sin Cara. The direction of this current program with Baron Corbin is actually pretty interesting. I'm wondering if Corbin will finally get Sin Cara's mask off of him at some point and everyone will be shocked to discover it's been Hunico under the mask for years.

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