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WWE News: Steel Cage match announced for the SmackDown Women's Championship next week

Alexa Bliss will defend the title inside the steel cage on next week's episode..

Will La Luchadora find a way to get inside the Steel Cage?

What’s the story?

The SmackDown Women’s Championship has been quite murky of late. The inclusion of La Luchadora has confused things quite a bit in the title scene of the women’s division for weeks now and it looks like SmackDown Live’s General Manager Daniel Bryan is taking steps clear up things a little bit.

Becky Lynch implored Daniel Bryan to grant her another opportunity at the title considering the recent events. Amidst the protest of Alexa Bliss, Bryan took it upon himself to announce the first ever steel cage match featuring the women in the history of SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan announced that the SmackDown Women’s championship will be defended in a steel cage match next week on SmackDown Live!  

In case you didn’t know...

For many weeks, the question that has been hounding the women’s title scene of SmackDown is the identity of La Luchadora. Her inclusion into the title scene has confused things quite a bit, with both Becky and Alexa using the gimmick to get into each other’s heads. But as of now, there have been no clues as to the true identity of La Luchadora.

Last week on SmackDown Live, Becky Lynch faced off against La Luchadora only to find out at the end of the match that Alexa Bliss switched places with La Luchadora. Alexa Bliss, who masqueraded as La Luchadora tapped out to Becky last week.

But things went downhill for Becky after she realised that it was Bliss under the mask and not La Luchadora. She was viciously attacked by both Bliss and Luchadora after the match. 

The heart of the matter

This week on SmackDown, Becky met Daniel Bryan backstage and implored him to take her beating Alexa, who was under the mask, into consideration and grant her another chance at the title. Bliss who barged in on that conversation stated that Becky has no rights to demand that match. The duo soon started bickering about the identity of La Luchadora.

A frustrated Daniel Bryan announced that Alexa will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship next week against Becky Lynch. He also added that in order to prevent the interference from La Luchadora, Becky Lynch will face Alexa in a steel cage match, much to the displeasure of Alexa Bliss.  

What’s next?

The match between Alexa and Becky next week is sure to be momentous as this will be the first gimmick match in both of their careers. Whether La Luchadora will find a way to interfere in the match is yet to be seen.

La Luchadora has been targeting Becky Lynch of late and we can surely expect La Luchadora to have some kind of impact on the match.

Sportskeeda’s Take

WWE has brilliantly played the La Luchadora mystery as of now. For weeks, fans have been buzzing about the identity of the masked luchador. Several speculations point out that it is former WWE Champion Mickie James. But, Daniel Bryan had an interesting POV this week and asked whether it is Eva Marie behind the mask.

Regardless of the identity of La Luchadora, you can expect Becky to feud with the masked Luchador very soon.

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