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WWE News: Stevie Richards discusses losing streaks and underutilized talent (Exclusive)

Gary Cassidy
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:30 IST

We caught up with Stevie Richards!
We caught up with Stevie Richards!

When Stevie Richards joined me on Episode 8 of Dropkick DiSKussions, I had to ask the Stevie Night Heat star about his losing streak on a show he made his own, and whether it's a hindrance or a relief to not have the pressure of winning every match and trying to get over with the audience.

You can watch the entire interview below or read it in full here.

It wasn't so much the losing so many matches because the responsibility for me was, when new talent came in, to make them comfortable in the company and get them over - so it was a huge responsibility and a great spot. People didn't see it that way, but I'd already been on the road with a Batista or a Randy Orton for a couple of weeks on house shows to get them ready.
What it always came down to for me was getting booked, making money, hopefully having some merchandise or video game money and trying to save as much as I can because, when you're hired in wrestling, you're one day closer to being fired each day that you're there. It's the nature of the business.

Meanwhile, Richards also opened up on how talent can come to be misused, and why it simply isn't fair to value talents based on wins and losses.

It's not like the NFL or the XFL, or a competitive sport. My true ability can always be masked or hidden. When they say talent can always overcome, I'm not always in agreement with that because look at how many times I got myself over and they put me on Heat or sat me at home. They have a remedy to try to put themselves back in control.
I'm not saying it's hopeless because I still showed up in the best shape I could, I still had the best matches I could in the time they would give me, but I say today, Curt Hawkins - great example, great guy, same with Zack Ryder, other guys - it's unfortunate that your value and your sacrifices as a human being are always tempered as less important if you are lower on an imaginary, subjective card - which is really what it is.

Those guys and girls, no matter who they are, what they do, whether they work or not - they take the same flights,they get in the same rental cars, they have the same lack of sleep, they have to find gyms, they have to eat right - and then after all that sacrifice, to sit down and watch everyone get to play or perform.
You hear about football players who want to go to teams where they can start when they're making more money in a team where they're on the second string. That's how you understand it. You don't want to sit there and waste away, and that's kind of what I felt at times.

The Blue World Order star also revealed how it's catch 22 when you're frustrated with your role:

It's funny, because when I wasn't frustrated, they thought, "He doesn't care enough to want to get pushed," but when I complained, I had a bad attitude. It was a very, very thin line that, quite frankly, I'm so glad I'm out of it and doing my own thing because that's very mentally and emotionally taxing after nine and a half years in WWE. But it's cool, I chose to be there. I could have asked for my release at any time and I didn't, I stuck it out, so it's on me as much as it would be on them.

You can read the entire interview here.

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Published 16 Sep 2019, 22:51 IST
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