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WWE News: Sting speaks about his final match

Riju Dasgupta
8.18K   //    17 Aug 2017, 14:30 IST

Sting had high praise for his final opponent!
Sting had high praise for his final opponent!

What's the story?

WCW icon Sting, who came to WWE during the sunset of his career, spoke about his final match during an interview with NBC Elmira, during an interview that addressed all aspects of his Hall of Fame career.

During the interview, he spoke about his final match against then WWE Champion Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015. He was full of praise for his opponent, Seth Rollins and seemed grateful about going out on top.

You can watch the entire interview in the link shared below.

In case you didn't know...

Sting was the face of the now defunct WCW, at the height of the Monday Night Wars. Falling from the rafters and taking out the nWo, a villainous faction who were dominating WCW in those days, Sting ruled the roost in the promotion.

When WCW folded, he decided to spend his time in TNA, instead of going to WWE, eventually entering the prestigious TNA Hall of Fame too.

He made his WWE debut at Survivor Series 2014, going to Wrestlemania 31 to face Triple H and thereafter to Night of Champions, to face Seth Rollins for the prestigious WWE Championship.

The heart of the matter

Sting is known as one of the nicest guys in wrestling, and even though his final match against Seth Rollins caused him an injury that would end his career in professional wrestling forever, he seemed very grateful.

I cannot complain. The bottom line is the last match I had, yes, I got injured and it was a bad injury. But I went out wrestling one of the best, Seth Rollins, and it was for the WWE World Title. I mean, what a way to go out. A world title match, I cannot complain, I have no complaints. I did everything I could possibly do in this business it seems, so I'm satisfied.

Sting is known as the only guy in wrestling, about whom nobody has a bad word to say. One can see why from his absolutely amazing attitude.

What's next?

Sting will keep making various appearances at wrestling shows, in all likelihood. Unfortunately for fans, his wrestling days are far behind him.

Author's take

As a lifelong Sting fan, I was furious to see him buried on a stage such as Wrestlemania 33. However, he has found peace after his retirement, and for that, I am very glad.

I am of the opinion that he would have been better served if he had never stepped foot into WWE, because of the way he was booked. However, because the man is happy, I am happy. Long live the Stinger. Woooo!

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