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WWE News: Superstars reveal their biggest fears

2.07K   //    16 Sep 2017, 10:36 IST

Everybody is afraid of something

What's the story?

You wouldn't think WWE Superstars get scared very often but the fact is everyone has their phobias. It might be hard to believe, but you might share a fear with your favorite WWE Superstar, according to this feature on

In case you didn't know...

Being afraid is human nature. After all, our first two natural human instincts are 'fight' or 'flight'. While some people would usually choose to fight in most instances everyone has that special something that makes them head for the hills.

The heart of the matter

WWE Superstars are people too and experience natural phobias like the rest of us. We've seen WWE Superstars perform incredible feats of human ability in front of our eyes and laugh in the face of serious injury for the enjoyment of the fans. But in the end, everybody's got to be afraid of something.

Jeff Hardy is afraid of snakes and he is an especially gifted high flyer so he might need to use those skills if he ever sees one to get away.

Nikki Bella is afraid of clowns so we're guessing she won't be watching the new adaptation of "It" anytime soon. By the way, Baron Corbin saw "It" and he enjoyed it but probably didn't appreciate Naomi's remarks to him about it. One thing's for sure, Baron Corbin didn't invite Curt Hawkins to the movies with him because he needs to Face The Facts that Curt is afraid of scary movies.

Rhyno might be the Man Beast but it turns out he's afraid of mice and rats. His tag team partner Heath Slater is terrified of performing in front of a large audience which is ironic considering how long he's been with WWE.

Sasha Banks' fear is failing which shows in every move she seems to make. Her drive for success is fueled by an underlying desire to be the best. They don't call her The Boss for no reason.

It looks like Karl Anderson will be taking the stairs because he's afraid of elevators. Renee Young also said she's afraid of ghosts and snakes which seems to be a common fear.

What's next?

As the WWE Universe gets to know their favorite superstars better and better, a stronger bond can form between fan and performer. After a while, fans might find themselves rooting more for the incredible person behind the fascinating on-screen characters they portray on television.


Author's take

Fears are not only feelings that can drive us but also keep us grounded. WWE Superstars might seem like they're above being afraid of anything, but it's almost comforting to know they feel the same way we do about certain things.

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