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WWE News: Naomi blasts Baron Corbin in social media slam

10.96K   //    15 Sep 2017, 23:34 IST

The Glo

The Glow and The Lone Wolf

What's the story?

WWE is in the entertainment business which is what the "E" stand for in the name of the company. So naturally, when a new blockbuster movie comes out plenty of WWE Superstars go see it in order to not only stay current with pop culture but to take a break from their busy lives for a couple hours. However, when Baron Corbin announced he recently saw "It" he never expected this kind of a response.

In case you didn't know...

Baron Corbin is SmackDown Live's resident Lone Wolf. He is relentless in getting what he wants. Even though he didn't cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase successfully that won't stop him in getting what he wants. Now with his eyes set on AJ Styles' United States Championship, he seems more determined than ever.

The heart of the matter

Stephen King's "It" is a massively successful film. Baron Corbin is a fan of horror movies and even has a few human remains in a private collection at his home. He loves shopping for oddities wherever he can find them and thrives on the unusual.

Seeing how Baron Corbin is such a fan of the disturbing, "It" was right up his alley. The Lone Wolf recently sent out a social media message to let fans know he was not only enjoying the new movie adaptation of the Stephen King classic, but he was watching the film in an empty theater.

Naomi isn't just The Glow, but she's also got jokes. The former SmackDown Women's Champion replied to Baron Corbin's social media update with a very humous message of her own.

Even though it was said in jest, you can see a slight similarity between Pennywise and Baron. Except we're willing to bet the villain from "It" could never hit an End Of Days like Corbin.


What's next?

The latest incarnation of "It" is on track to make a ton of money. It will likely scare a lot of people and Baron Corbin will also continue his mission to do the same.

Author's take

This is one of the more clever retorts I've seen in a while. Naomi and Baron Corbin hopefully have the kind of relationship where they can joke like this. Otherwise, it could get tense on Tuesday night.

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