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WWE News: Surprising Pay-Per-View statistic about John Cena

The Leader of the Cenation has been on a downfall on paper in the past year with his winning record.

Cena’s recent Pay-Per-View record hasn’t been the best

John Cena has had an interesting past two years. He has willingly stepped away from the long-term main event scene, and the superman booking he had for 9 years prior to that seemed to have slowly stopped. This began to gradually win him over the fans who used to despise and reject him. 

He has not been in a world title match since Summerslam last year, and he has not been world champion for over two years now. In fact, No Mercy next month will be the first time Cena will have main evented a Pay-Per-View in two years, and in the process, he will also overtake The Undertaker and Triple H as having competed in the most main events in WWE history. Cena is currently on 67 PPV main events(including the Royal Rumble matches).

Reddit user FormerHardcoreChamp pointed out an interesting statistic: John Cena has not won a singles PPV match in over a year. The last time he did was against Seth Rollins last year at Night Of Champions for the United States Championship. Let’s break down Cena’s singles PPV record  since then:

Hell In A Cell 2015 – Lost to Alberto Del Rio

Did not compete in a PPV till June 2016

Money In The Bank 2016 – Lost to AJ Styles

Battleground 2016 – Beat The Club in a Tag Team match with Enzo & Big Cass

Summerslam 2016 – Lost to AJ Styles

At No Mercy, he is not in a singles match, but a triple threat match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship. It is very unlikely that John Cena will win as he will be going on a hiatus for the rest of the year in order to film the second season of American Grit.

The fact that Cena has not won a singles PPV match in over a year just goes to show much much he is giving back to the company. He is transitioning into a very different role, and he is well aware he isn’t going to be the main event player going forward. Unless he picks up a win at Royal Rumble or Fastlane or any of the brand exclusive PPVs, his next PPV singles win is likely to be against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. The match is being teased and is very likely to take place.’

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