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WWE News: The real reason Goldberg left WWE and is coming back at 49 years old

Goldberg reveals some candid details about himself and his much-hyped comeback at Survivor Series.

Goldberg thinks it's a chance to be a superhero yet again

The return of Goldberg has been the biggest news story in the wrestling world, over the past month. Many, including his former boss, Eric Bischoff, have commented on Goldberg’s return to the ring, advising him against it, in the months leading up to the comeback.

This is because Goldberg wouldn’t be the same man he once was when he was in his prime; a force of nature, breathing smoke and fire, as he walked through the flames to decimate all his opponents. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Goldberg revealed why he left WWE during his prime. 

‘I strive to be my best every time I go out, and that’s very stressful. After a while of doing that...it’s nice to just take a deep breath and sit on a tractor.’

Goldberg called his twelve-year-long hiatus, a much-needed break after a challenging career in football and professional wrestling. While they did leave on bad terms, over the years Goldberg was able to mend his differences with WWE officials.  He also revealed the main reason he returned to the squared circle:

‘The main reason is my 10-year-old boy. The biggest experience I can give him as an experience in life is when his dad used to be who I used to be in front of millions of people on television. It’s empowering as a human and a child.’

Stone Cold Steve Austin seen hanging out with the Goldberg family 

Goldberg is married to former model and stuntwoman, Wanda Ferraton, and is a doting father to his son, Gage. At 10, Goldberg takes an active role in the upbringing of his beloved son, in the role of an ideal father. 

‘I pack my son’s lunches and she takes him to baseball practise when I gotta go train. There are no labels on our chores’. 

The WCW legend adds that it’s also a chance for him to be a superhero, one more time.

‘If I have to sacrifice my body and if I have to sacrifice my legacy...to be able to step into the phone booth and come out at Superman, and if it changes one kid, it’s a valuable deal,’ Goldberg said. 

Will Goldberg be able to survive the Beast, come Sunday?

Goldberg was WCW’s prime performer during the late 90s. With a 173 match win streak, he was by far the top star in the company and perhaps the biggest draw in its history. Sadly his WWE run wasn’t as successful, but Goldberg wishes to change the same, come Sunday. Watch Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg, at Survivor Series, this weekend. 

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