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WWE News: Triple H on NFL players taking a knee during National Anthem

891   //    04 Oct 2017, 11:30 IST

What if WWE Superstars took a knee in protest?

What's the story?

The National Football League has been wrought with controversy concerning players taking a knee out of protest during the National Anthem. It is a very touchy subject which has led some people, including US President Donald Trump to call for those players to be fired.

Triple H recently opened up to Sky Sports about the subject and discussed how WWE would handle a similar situation.

In case you didn't know...

When Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the National Anthem in order to protest social injustice, a lot of people got very heated. Some agreed with Kaepernick and even joined him in solidarity. But no matter which side of the fence you landed on, there was bound to be a plethora of opinions.

US President Donald Trump spoke up about these protests and was quite unforgiving about these players' actions. Some agree this controversy is the reason Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent to this day.

The heart of the matter

Triple H opened up about the NFL controversy in his interview with Sky Sports. He was asked what steps WWE might take is a similar protest broke out within the WWE Superstars.

With excellent poise, Triple H stated WWE would respect any Superstar's First Amendment Rights which is the right to free speech.

“I speak for myself, personally only, and if it was me I would stand for my national anthem. For my country I would stand."
"But I and WWE certainly respect the rights of everybody’s first amendment right of freedom of speech, their right to peacefully protest and do what is meaningful to them. Certainly we support that.”

What's next?

Controversy creates cash and it also causes upset feelings and outrage at times. These protests in the NFL have a very deep underlying social issue attached to them which should be respected. However, everyone has their right to expression and not every mindset will always mesh with one another.


But as this crazy world evolves, maybe the most important part is to come together in the best we can. Because it's only bound to get more complicated from this point onwards.

Author's take

WWE Superstars aren't really afforded the opportunity to protest in such a way. But it's nice to know if they ever decided to show some kind of protest in order to speak their minds about social issues then WWE will evidently back them up.

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