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WWE News: Triple H & Vince McMahon eager for Shelton Benjamin's return

The senior officials highly value The Gold Standard

Vince & Triple H are keen for the Gold Standard to return

Shelton Benjamin was all set to return to Smackdown Live early in the draft. It came as exciting news to a huge portion of the WWE Universe who believed that Benjamin was highly underutilized in his first run with WWE.

Unfortunately, as Benjamin was having his medical done in Philadelphia all set for a return, the doctors discovered that Benjamin had a torn rotator cuff that would require immediate surgery. Benjamin took to twitter to announce his sadness over the fact that he would not be able to make his return as he anticipated. He said that while he was no stranger to wrestling in pain, he was not aware of how bad the situation was. 

A torn rotator cuff was the same injury that kept John Cena out from the beginning of this year till the end of May. John Cena was expected to be out for nearly Nine months, but he returned in just over five. This wasn’t the first time where Cena returned faster than anticipated from an injury. 

At the time, it was said that the expected Benjamin would take six months to recover and would make his long anticipated return. Many questioned whether the injury was going to halt the chances of Benjamin returning. However, there is some good news, as Triple H and Vince McMahon are still very keen on seeing The Gold Standard return to WWE.

It was reported that both Triple H and McMahon are extremely high on Benjamin’s work, especially his previous run in the WWE, and are looking forward to his return next year. It is still being reported that Benjamin will take six months to recover, which means that he may be back just on time for Wrestlemania  season.  

It was reported earlier that Benjamin’s role on Smackdown Live would be similar o that of Chris Jericho, i.e, the veteran who helps to elevate younger talent. He was apparently even slated for an upper mid-card push, perhaps maybe even having an Intercontinental Championship reign. Either way, as of now, it is clear that WWE has left the door wide open for Benjamin to return, and it shows their appreciation and value of Benjamin, who is a great, entertaining performer who is very over with the fans.

Who would you like to see Shelton Benjamin face at Wrestlemania 33 next year in Orlando?

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