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WWE News: Triple H came up with the idea for SANITY nearly a decade ago

Triple H had a unique vision that has finally come true.

Triple H’s vision is finally coming to fruition.

What’s the news? 
According to givemesport.com, SANITY was the brainchild of Triple H. It was a concept Triple H thought of almost 10 years ago.

In case you didn’t know...
SANITY debuted on NXT television in the first round of the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in October of last year.  SANITY stands for the original members of the group.  “S” for Sawyer Fulton, “A” for Alexander Wolfe, “ni” for the first two letters of Nikki Cross (the “t” in SAnitY is meant to be a cross), and the “Y” is for Eric Young.

The heart of the matter
As has been the case recently, the WWE’s relationship with ESPN came into play once more, as Eric Young provided a diary just before the NXT TakeOver: San Antonio special event.  

In the diary, the man formerly known simply as, “EY,” discussed Triple H having the idea for SANITY for around 10 years.  Before Young’s arrival in NXT, the idea had remained just that: an idea.

Young stated that the group was Triple H’s brainchild.

“I guess he’s had this idea for, I think, going on 10 years now. He’s tried in a couple of different kind of ways, and it never really made it on TV because it didn’t feel right.”

The leader of the faction would then go on to reveal that Hunter wanted him to be the leader of this stable years ago, after he saw on very special TNA promo where Eric Young did what he does best: act like a complete lunatic.

Young said that he met Triple H and that Hunter said it was his job to keep an eye on what was going on in the wrestling world.  Hunter had known about Young for years, having stayed close with Kevin Nash.

Apparently, Nash talked to Triple H about Eric Young and said that “EY” was a guy that Hunter should keep his eye on.  Triple H apparently really liked Eric Young’s work and was excited to bring him into the company.

According to Young, Triple H told him that he was the right kind of lunatic to lead SANITY.

What’s next? 
SANITY continues to be a dominant force on NXT television, especially since the addition of Killian Dain.  They just mowed through the team of Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, and Roderick Strong on the last episode of NXT.

Sportskeeda’s Take
Knowing that SANITY is one of Triple H’s ideas means that the group will have every opportunity to be successful.  The group is different, to say the least, and that is exciting when you look to the future and realize that we’re in for more of these unique ideas when Triple H eventually takes control from Vince.

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