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WWE News: Tyson Kidd talks about his neck injury and joining the 'Broken Neck Club'

Gokul Nair
852   //    15 Nov 2016, 20:03 IST
Tyson defeated all odds to stay on his feet.

Tyson Kidd was recently a guest on Talk Is Jericho, where he spoke about recovering from his neck injury, and how it feels to be a part of the elite “broken neck club” alongside Steve Austin, Kurt Angle and Edge.

Speaking about his rehabilitation, Kidd states that he is doing much better now and has started to work out a bit.

"The neck feels pretty good. Tomorrow, I go see my surgeon for my six month check up. And even for me, the time [has] flown. Six months [has] gone by fast. Like, even in my shoes, I'm able to work out, which is able to combat some of the insanity of being at home."

 Kidd suffered a freakish neck injury similar to that of Christopher Reeves and had miraculously escaped from being paralysed. He explained the rarity of the injury to Jericho by stating that he is the first WWE wrestler to get an injury focused high up on the neck, which is a sensitive spot. He said:

Yeah, and I think I'm the only guy in WWE to have the fusion this high up. It's the C1 and 2. It's as high as it gets."

 He also recalled the time Steve Austin, who found the procedure of the surgery odd, talked to him. It turns out; it was different as compared to the procedure Austin himself had. Here is what Kidd revealed:

“[Austin] said, 'kid, why'd [the surgeons] go through the back of your neck like that? Everything's through the front.' I said, 'Steve, it's so high up, it's the equivalent of my mouth.' And then, he's like, 'oh, they can't go through the front then.”

Soon the topic about the “broken neck club” came up with the mention of Austin, and Kidd says that the constant support from Austin, Angle and Edge makes him feel special, rather than a liability.

I joined the weird broken neck club and there's one advantage, is like, Steve Austin and Kurt Angle reach out to you all the time. And Edge, but Edge [has] always been awesome with me since I was in FCW. So [Austin] text me, like, 'hey, how's everything? How's that stack of dimes [neck]?' And I'm like, 'I know. I know it means neck.”


Tyson Kidd is a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and is married to Nattie Neidhart, who performs under the name Natalya on Smackdown Live! Kidd suffered the injury after being hit by Samoa Joe’s finisher “Muscle Buster”. Here is the clip:

With a promising recovery, there might be a possibility that Kidd will return to the wrestling business sooner or later, to resume his career, which he had to leave with a lot left to be accomplished.

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