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WWE Rumors: Update on Undertaker's return to SmackDown

Could we see the Deadman on this week's episode of SmackDown?

When is the Deadman making his next appearance?

The last glimpse of The Undertaker that all WWE fans saw was the spectacle he created on the 900th episode of SmackDown, in November this year. It was mainly the Deadman proclaiming his return for good this time to the world of pro wrestling, and clearly citing that Wrestlemania as a platform would no longer define his legacy.

Here is the video where he announced his comeback in a grand fashion at SmackDown.

However, it’s been almost a month since that happened, and ever since there has been no sighting of the WWE Superstar or any news as to whether he would be a part of SmackDown. This has left everyone wondering the same thing: Why all the fuss about his return then?

But now, Ringside News reports that WWE felt it was not the right time to bring about Taker’s return yet, with all the time between TLC and the Royal Rumble.

Currently, there is a rumour doing the rounds that the Undertaker would probably face AJ Styles, challenging him for the WWE World Championship on January 29th at the Royal Rumble, after which he would gear up to challenge John Cena in what is believed to be a monumental match at Wrestlemania 33.

As Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are the only big players announced for the Royal Rumble match, reports from comicbook.com suggest that John Cena could announce his entry into the match as well as the blue brand would be looking to make its mark on the upcoming PPV.

With John Cena making his return on the show, there is a possibility that ‘Taker would emerge to make his intentions known at the end of Smackdown week; leaving a month’s time to build a program between him and Styles for the Royal Rumble.

The other more likely scenario is that WWE would not meddle with Cena’s return and keep it uninterrupted while slating the Undertaker’s return for the January 2nd edition instead. The company, however, is still indecisive of their final choice.

The Superstar was recently caught backstage at a RAW event, which sparked off rumours of him joining RAW. However, even that did not seem to materialise. Here’s the snapshot, where the Deadman is walking towards the backstage of the RAW event in Texas.

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