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WWE News: Update On Contract Statuses Of Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler And The Links To Their Current Angles

The Show Off and the Swiss Superman may be leaving the company for good.

During the brand split, Ziggler went to SmackDown while Cesaro was drafted to RAW

Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler are perhaps two of the biggest under utilized talents in the WWE. Over the past couple of years, these two workhorses have been able to get over with the crowd with their integrity and dedication inside the squared circle. The WWE Universe has also clamored for them and urged creative to take steps to push these two distinct superstars.

The brand split placed Ziggler and Cesaro to SmackDown and RAW respectively. Since then, the two have been able to get more TV time and appear in significant feuds. Ziggler was locked in a rivalry with Ambrose for the WWE World title and now is going to face the MIz in a title vs. career match at No Mercy. 

On the other hand, Cesaro has had his hands full with the Best of Seven Series with Sheamus that ended with the two becoming an unconvincing tag team. 

However way we want to look at at it, it is still certain that Cesaro and Ziggler still haven’t been able to break that glass ceiling and emerge as main event talents.

As per the latest reports from Cageside Seats, both the superstars’ contracts are being reviewed leading to their distinct angles on TV. Cesaro’s contract is coming up soon and his status with the company is still unknown.

It looks like the ‘Swiss Superman’ will be paired with Sheamus for the time being till his contract issues are resolved. The superstar was clearly frustrated with his position during the draft, and WWE wouldn’t want to give him a singles push until they are sure of his intentions.

Ziggler’s case is a little different. He is signed with the company at least till next year. But his last segment on SmackDown has fueled speculations about his future.

Ziggler will face the Miz at No Mercy for the Intercontinental Title and if he loses, it will be the end of his WWE career. ‘The Show Off’ may actually be out of the company for good. But the more popular belief is that he will lose at the pay per view, take some time off and return next year with a repackaged gimmick.

It is interesting to note that WWE did give Ziggler a push following the draft when he pinned AJ Styles to get a shot at the WWE World Championship. He then took on Ambrose for the championship but fell short. 

The upcoming pay per views would be pivotal in determining the future of these two superstars. No Mercy and Hell in a Cell might just be the last time we see Ziggler and Cesaro in the squared circle given the delicate situation that they are at.

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