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WWE News: Update on Mick Foley's absence on WWE television

Mick Foley was not supposed to be at Roadblock: End Of The Line, nor the coming Raw, but he will be present.

Mick Foley has been the Raw General Manager since the brand split

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin reported recently that Mick Foley would be taking the remainder of the year off and thus won’t be appearing on Raw until January 2nd. His appearance on Raw last week was supposed to be his last for the year. That’s why it came as a surprise that Foley appeared on Roadblock. Satin gave an update about this on Twitter:

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One advantage of Foley being present on Monday night is that he can continue being one of the key figures in the Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman feud. Zayn and Foley have excellent chemistry together, and it was seen last week on Raw when Foley teased trading Zayn to SmackDown Live:

On Roadblock: End Of The Line, Foley came out with a white towel during Zayn and Strowman to indicate that he would be stopping the match, as Zayn was taking a heavy beating, and was barely managing to continue.

However, Zayn grabbed the towel and threw it away, and survived the ten-minute mark (which was the stipulation of their match), making him the winner.

It will be interesting to see how they write out Foley on Raw. However, it should be noted that it is only two episodes that he will be missing. That means that Stephanie McMahon, who is usually present on Raw anyway, will fill in as the main authority figure. She is more active than SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon, who at this point is only an on-screen character.

This is due to a non-compete clause that he has in his previous company You On Demand. Foley’s role too is just restricted as an on-screen character, but he is very interactive and is said to get involved in certain creative aspects as well.

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