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WWE News: Update on Mick Foley's status as Raw GM

Foley's status may be determined on Raw next week

News 17 Mar 2017, 08:42 IST
WWE Raw General Manager, Mick Foley

What’s the story? 

Mick Foley has been the General Manger of Monday Night Raw since just before the brand split in 2016.  However, based on WWE.com’s preview for the next episode of Monday Night Raw, his status may be determined on Raw next week.

In case you didn’t know...

Mick Foley is a WWE Hall of Famer, known to fans around the world as, “the Hardcore Legend.”  Foley put his body through sheer hell during his time as an active wrestler.  One look at the Hardcore Legend makes that clear, as Foley is missing one of his ears due to a match he had with Big Van Vader in the mid-90’s.  

Based on his appearances on WWE television from his in-ring retirement up until his return to become the Raw General Manager, Foley was never in particularly good shape.  Recently, Foley lost 100 pounds through a training regimen involving DDP Yoga. 

WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle set to replace Mick Foley as RAW General Manager

On Monday Night Raw last week, Stephanie McMahon demanded that Mick Foley fire someone.  Mick tried to sack Stephanie but was then run down by the Raw Commissioner, as well as Triple H.  Triple H intimated that if Foley didn’t get in line that he would be losing his job and costing his children their positions with the company.

Foley acted like he was going to leave the ring, but stood in a corner quietly.  When Triple H moved towards him to address him, Foley turned and shoved Mr Socko into the mouth of the King of Kings.  Stephanie McMahon delivered a low blow to Foley, leaving him prone in the ring until Seth Rollins’s music hit.

The heart of the matter

Mick Foley has not been fired at this point, but it seems as if the preview for the next episode of Raw may be trying to prepare us for that inevitability.

This Attitude Era-esque moment brought the WWE Universe in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena to its feet before Stephanie saved her husband with a low blow to Foley, but longtime fans of The Hardcore Legend will be far less enthused about what happens next. Triple H and Stephanie don’t exactly forgive and forget, so one wonders if Foley’s days as Raw GM are now numbered.

What’s next? 

We’ll have to see what happens with this situation on the next episode of Monday Night Raw.

Author’s Take

It was announced in February that Foley would need time off to have his hip replaced.  Foley’s removal from the General Manager position was always an inevitability, and now it appears that it may happen as early as the next episode of Raw.  

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