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WWE News: Update on Shelton Benjamin's WWE return

The Gold Standard may be back sooner than anticipated.

We may see The Gold Standard back in just a few more months

Shelton Benjamin was supposed to return to Smackdown Live not long after the draft. However, after taking medical tests in Philadelphia, WWE’s official medical staff told him that he had a torn rotator cuff, and would thus be out for at least six months due to a surgery requirement.

He said that while he was no stranger to wrestling in pain, it was a procedure that had to be done and that WWE left their door open to him when he returned.

Now, Benjamin announced that his surgery was done. The question is, what is his recovery and WWE return status?

From the looks of it, it is being said that Benjamin will return to Smackdown Live early 2017. January 2017 means that the first thought that comes to mind is the Royal Rumble. A surprise entry at the Royal Rumble is a high possibility. However, it also heavily depends on how fast Benjamin can recover from the surgery.

WWE superstars usually rehab heavier than most normal people or even athletes do, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see The Gold Standard back in WWE in time for the Royal Rumble. One thing seems sure – He will be back in time for Wrestlemania 33, and the road to Wrestlemania,  the most exciting season to be a WWE fan. 

It was revealed not long after Benjamin announced the delay of his WWE return that the role Benjamin would be taking is not too different from the role that Chris Jericho has right now. To be specific, it is the role of the veteran, who helps to elevate younger talent. However, this does not mean a role like The Dudley Boyz which was constantly losing every match.

It was said that Triple H, Vince, and other WWE officials are quite high on Benjamin’s prior body of work, and were also looking to give him a push that would see him be one of the top upper mid-carders of Smackdown Live. This could perhaps mean that Benjamin would also receive an Intercontinental Championship run. 

Either which ways, there is still place and an opportunity for The Gold Standard to come back and show the WWE Universe what they’ve been missing for years

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