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WWE News: Vince McMahon loves Seth Rollins' nickname for Chris Jericho

2.73K   //    11 Nov 2016, 17:19 IST
Vince McMahon laughed like crazy when he heard ‘Sparklecrotch’ from Seth Rollins for the 1st time

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE chairman Vince McMahon, has apparently developed a liking for the term that Seth Rollins uses to address Chris Jericho: ‘Sparklecrotch’. Rollins first used the term about a month ago, referring to Jericho’s in-ring attire, and it has clicked with the WWE universe ever since.

In fact, on most occasions when ‘The Architect’ verbally confronts the legendary Superstar, and his best friend, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, chants of ‘Sparklecrotch’ are often heard from the crowd, much to Chris Jericho’s chagrin.

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However, it is actually Mr McMahon who is the driving force behind the regular usage of this term. The Wrestling Observer reported that the chairman of the WWE was laughing hysterically, every time Rollins said ‘Sparklecrotch’, and this was the reason, the former World Heavyweight champion repeated it.

Strangely enough, though, Vince did not ask for the term to be added to the script, beyond the first week of its use despite his fascination for it. However, Seth Rollins seems to have stuck with it and even used it on this week’s episode of Raw held in Glasgow, Scotland.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also quashed doubts, about Vince McMahon not having a hand in the affairs of SmackDown Live and that Triple H and lead writer Ryan Ward, are actually running the show.

The fact is that the boss of the WWE is still in complete control of both brands and continues to be actively involved in their working. So even if the two shows are poles apart in terms of their creativity, McMahon is responsible.

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