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WWE News: Vince Russo says everyone working at WWE is 'lazy'

2.09K   //    29 Oct 2016, 14:54 IST
Former WCW writer Vince Russo speaks out

Vince Russo appeared on his online podcast The Brand to discuss a number of issues such as the WCW Nitro, the laziness that is plaguing WWE, the Hall and Nash storyline and much more.

Russo compared the current program on Monday Night RAW to the WCW Nitro shows back in the day and inferred that RAW was no good.

Although he agreed that WCW had a huge roster that could not be accommodated within three hours, he revealed that vignettes played an integral role in getting everybody air time. Russo claimed that there were more vignettes aired in the first 90 minutes of WCW back in the day than in the three hours of RAW. 

Vignettes, Russo claimed, were hard work and required time and effort and that’s why there wasn’t much of it in today’s WWE programming. Calling the current WWE staff lazy ‘lard-asses’, Russo said that they were not investing in their crop of talent.

Russo gave an insight into his mind when he started working for WCW.

He said that he and Ferrara embarked on a mission to re-establish Bret Hart. After Hart had signed with the WCW after the Montreal Screwjob, Eric Bischoff had no angle for the marquee superstar. Russo wanted to bring Hart back into the fold of things and claimed that it took him only five weeks to redeem Bret Hart’s career.

Russo said that the fact that the Harlem Heat defended and lost the titles on the first show that he wrote was symbolic of the fact that he was there to rattle some cages.

He expressed his awe and amazement at the sheer number of superstars that were on the WCW roster back in the day. The mid card, tag team division and the top of the card were all stacked. He expressed his concerns over the current WWE roster where there is only one top star for every ten wrestlers. 

Russo voiced his opinion of the current product saying that it is missing cool characters like Hall and Nash. They were these fun guys that would joke and have fun but when things got serious they could also hand out a beating.

He recalled an idea that he pitched where Hall and Nash would show up drunk for an episode of Nitro. That was however shot down and he managed to work around it creating an angle where Nash was sick and high on cough syrup.

He concluded by saying that given WWE’s current status, he would be ashamed to work for the company. He was of the view that time had silenced all his critics and that he had proved them wrong.

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