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WWE News: "We Want Paige" chants heard during Raw

The Brooklyn crowd lives up to its rowdy reputation.

News 21 Mar 2017, 09:05 IST
What fans were saying on Raw wasn’t as flattering as this sign

What’s the story?

The WWE Universe have already started with chants aimed at former NXT Women’s Champion, Paige, as well as others caught up in the so-called “Paigegate” scandal – Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods.

It is no surprise that a raucous Brooklyn crowd took little time to get started with a number of chants aimed at the three who were outed by an internet hacker who released private photos and videos of Paige, Woods, and Maddox.

The WWE made the decision to keep The New Day man away from the live crowd and you can see just why this was a good decision, as the notoriously rowdy Brooklyn crowd lived up to expectations.

In case you didn’t know...

Paige has been fighting a massive scandal recently when a number of leaked photos and videos surfaced online as a hacker was able to gain unauthorised access to the Britisher’s phone. Soon, New Day member, Xavier Woods, as well as former WWE official, Brad Maddox, were also found in compromising positions with Paige.

There have been a number of rumours that Woods will be kept off TV until the scandal blows over and the WWE seem to making truth out of said rumours as he was not advertised for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

The heart of the matter

The WWE fans in attendance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre were quick to get their shots in at the suffering Paige, as a number of chants could be heard saying, “We Want Paige” throughout the show as well as a number of other chants aimed at both Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods.

It doesn’t look like this is going to die down anytime soon and the WWE will hope that this doesn’t escalate into a situation, where this is a weekly occurrence that handicaps the show as well forces the production team to edit even more audio from Monday Night Raw.

What’s next?

As we reported earlier, there are strong rumours that neither Paige nor Xavier Woods will be punished for their part in the scandal as they were not responsible for publishing the explicit content themselves.

Keeping this in mind, the WWE will be hoping the fans put this behind them so that everyone can get back to a sense of normalcy ASAP.

Author’s take

While it provides some mild amusement to see the fans take shots at Superstars who are caught up in scandals, it would definitely be best for everyone if everyone moves past this unfortunate scandal so that these two Superstars can get their careers back on track.

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