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WWE News: What happened after RAW 27 June 2016 went off air?

Sudhir Bose
5.24K   //    28 Jun 2016, 12:58 IST
Still has a lot of firepower

Apart from the opening segment where John Cena and AJ Styles tried to stake their claim on a WWE title shot, the only other bright spot was the confrontation between the New Day and the Wyatts. 

The WWE’s current favorite carrot made a return with rumours of Finn Balor’s debut poking up a few hours before the show went on air. So RAW had quite a bit of momentum even before it began. 

The lung opener fed more air into the engine with Seth Rollins’ kicking Reigns when he’s down by using his suspension as a weapon, Ambrose saying he still expects a triple threat at Battleground and Styles and Cena joining the fray to tease an Elimination Chamber-esque five-way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But the main event of Battleground remains unchanged for now, with Rollins and Ambrose getting the better of Cena and Styles respectively. After Ambrose beat Styles, Cena was laid out with the Magic Killer on the entrance stage and left to the locker room.

The Club piled on with Seth Rollins to do to Ambrose what they just did to Cena, but Enzo and Cass and Big Show came to the champ’s aid. This laid the foundation for an eight-man tag team match, which the faces won after Big Show pinned Karl Anderson.

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