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WWE News: What happened after Raw went off the air?

Unexpected things happened after Raw went off the air

The teaser of a partial reunion continued!

Today's RAW was live from Memphis, TN and served as the final show before we head to the red brand's PPV Clash Of Champions. This episode saw the introduction of the cruiserweight division which would be seminal in adding a different yet competitive angle to the card, which at times, seems more lacklustre than already expected.

Post the complaining segment by the ever dissatisfied Samoan, Roman Reigns and with the ever classy Kevin Owens making it clear that Roman is way off his league after he beat him twice, Foley decided to make things easy or maybe not by putting them in a nice little playground called the Steel Cage in a non-title match.

We finally get to see some good old steel after a long time in the main event. Owens & Reigns both battled it out and tried to escape the high walls, play on the ropes and trade punches. In the end, Roman hit the safe territory just a few seconds before the champion and won the main event.

Reigns' celebration didn't last for long as the Bulgarian brute attacked him and shoved the steel door in the Big Dog's face. Owens and Rusev took turns to wash their hands on Roman till old friend Seth Rollins, after having a bout of self-realization, rushed in to save Roman with a high-flying leap off the cage. KO and Rusev had been thwarted and the two mates had a staredown reminiscing the old days after RAW went off the air.

However, the heels returned.

Rusev attacked Roman while KO went after Rollins. The champion tried to Popup powerbomb Rollins but being The Architect that he his, he reversed into a full-fledged pedigree. Rusev got speared by Roman and followed it up with a victorious roar. Rollins left without much celebration and thus, ended today's untelevised segment.

Here is the clip of the dark segment: 

The show saw some decent segments courtesy of the comedic genius of Jericho and the gifted talents of the women. Although the show feel flat at times, the main event did its bit in hyping up Clash Of Champions.





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