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WWE News: What happened when RAW went off air?

WWE RAW had a lot to offer after it went off the air.

Strowman went on a demolition spree yet again!

After a brief hit-and-run attack on Braun Strowman, Sami Zayn has now made it clear that he is looking forward to the match between the two next week, which will be a Last Man Standing match. He said that he had wanted this match against Strowman for months and now he finally has the opportunity to prove himself.

After the show in the Raw Fallout video, Zayn was not pleased with the way his last match with Braun ended. So he is up to face Braun on RAW next week, where he can defy the odds and emerge on top. 

“If there was one more minute on that clock, not only would I have survived Braun Strowman, I would have beaten him. I have known this in my heart all along. So the next night on RAW, I want a rematch with Brawn and I want to prove myself because that's not the victory that I want. Last Man Standing is a perfect way to finish what I started at Roadblock.”

Earlier on the show, Strowman demanded a Last Man Standing match against Zayn to which Stephanie McMahon agreed. Speaking about his survival against the Monster Among The Men at Roadblock, he said that a ten-minute time stipulation was put on their match by Strowman.

And added that although no one thought that he will be able to survive in the ring for that long, one more Helluva kick would have finished Strowman.

“But there was never a doubt in my mind that I could last and nevermind the lasting because we all saw how the match played out. When that clock ran out I was seconds away from delivering another helluva kick.”

Now it is clear that a match between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman next week will account for an interesting segment, showcasing a battle between pride and revenge. 

The New Day, on the other hand, stated that for them the year 2016 will end on a positive note. Even after being defeated by Cesaro and Sheamus and losing the tag team title, Kofi Kingston praised his opponents.

“We are trying to live in the now. Right now it's still all about the New Day. That's all you need to know.”

They have tied the record for longest tag team title reign and maintain that they are proud of that.

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