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WWE Video: When Nikki Bella commented on her fake "girls"

The fearless one defended her implants on her YouTube Channel.

You can look, but you can’t touch

What's the story?

Nikki Bella spoke about her 'fake girls’ on the Bella Twins YouTube channel late last year. This was just before the TLC pay-per-view when she put up a video for her fans talking about the event and much more. Here is the video:

Addressing her implants, she had this to say:

‘My girls. I paid for them. I did it for myself and I love them. And what’s why I talk about them a lot. I asbolutely love my girls. It was probably the best 6500 Dollars I've ever spent. And I’m not ashamed of them.’

She went on to say this:

‘No one should hate on anyone if they have fakies. Because if they want it for themselves, good for them! So amen to anyone who has fakies. Amen to you all’.

At one point she expressed concern about them getting popped at TLC, but retracted the statement saying that they won’t, because they are really good. 

In case you didn’t know...

Nikki Bella plays the role of the ‘Fearless One’ on television and is a role model for millions of young girls and women across the world. Little wonder then that she's been so vocal about empowering yourself to do whatever you please; if you desire so.

The video went on to discuss her exercise routine, and Nikki's excitement for her historic TLC No Disqualification match against Carmella, something women in wrestling are generally kept away from.

The heart of the matter

Various storylines in WWE have focused on how Nikki Bella is only a successful female Superstar because of her looks and that there’s little more to her than her beauty. Nikki’s fake breasts too have been brought up in storylines as recently as last month on Smackdown, during her feud with Carmella and Natalya.

Even in the past, female Superstars who have more of a 'wrestling’ background have used Nikki Bella’s reality show background and relationship with John Cena as part of their feuds to generate massive heat.  

John and Nikki’s relationship has been the cause for many feuds in WWE

What's next?

As a veteran female Superstar, Nikki Bella, much like her boyfriend, John Cena often use their position of power to inspire and motivate those who look up to them. We foresee many such videos from both the Bella Twins in the future.

Sportskeeda’s take

Go Nikki! Full power to her for such a positive message. It’s great to see her speaking her mind. 

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